Stretch Dungeon from Nitrome may look like yet another pixelated endless platformer (or in this case faller). There are the pixelated graphics, gems to collect and obstacles to avoid. But while the game belongs in that genre, the controls and the gameplay are different among the other titles.

The premise is simple: a pixelated prisoner is thrown out a cell and into a freefall. But rather than controlling the prisoner’s fall, you control the dungeon walls. Just tap the screen to make some of the level’s components bulge, and this veers the prisoner away from hazards or propelling them towards the collectible items.

There are lots of dangers to avoid like spikes, and you also have to go through barriers and other obstacles. The physics engine is pretty good and it doesn’t feel like you’re being forced to go a specific way. Since the controls are easy anyone can get into the game, but it does throw various challenges to keep things from being monotonous.

Every now and then for instance, there will be obstacles when the walls are stretched. You will also find bounce pads that could propel the prisoner into spikes, or it could throw you in the direction of the gems you’re after. You can use these gems to gain continues or unearth shortcuts that will take you deeper down.

In spite of the somewhat grim premise, Stretch Dungeon has lots of humor and is presented as fun. With its one touch control, this is the type of game that will appeal to casual players.

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