After nine years of waiting, Black Kids‘ much-awaited sophomore album, ROOKIE, is finally here!

Featuring ten new tracks, the indie pop band from Jacksonville, Florida, serves up a collection of brightly colored dance tracks to start a party in your ears. Black Kids is the brainchild of Reginald Youngblood, Dawn Watley, Kevin Snow, Owen Cohen, and Ali Youngblood.

The album opens with IFFY, where listeners are treated with a major transition from the band — giving up indie rock influences to synths and keyboard-guitar medleys. The track is extremely catchy with hyped guitar tunes for the right kind of funk.

In A Song follows with much energy and vintage arrangement. Reginald’s voice adds a layer of youthfulness, making the track sound like it’ll fit right into gigs — which is a good thing for this matter. The track’s energy and fresh tunes invigorates old and new listeners.

Title track Rookie channels ’80s electro dance music with electric keyboard keys that suits well with the laid-back vocals. While Way Into Leather ends the album in synchopated beats and monotone vocals, eliciting retro influences and experimentation.

ROOKIE is a transition period for Black Kids. In this album, the band showcases that they have a lot to offfer beyond and can cope up with the changing tides.

Track List:
2. In A Song
3. If My Heart Is Broken
4. V-Card (Not Nuthin’)
5. Rookie
6. Illin’
7. Natural Born Kissers
8. All The Emotions
9. Obligatory Drugs
10. Way Into Leather

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