Ever wanted to do cool skateboard tricks but don’t want the risk of injuring or embarrassing yourself? Well, Ollie Cats by Charles Harrison lets you channel the extreme athlete in you. Even if you’ve never been on a skateboard before, you’ll be skating like a pro in no time.

The first thing you’ll notice is the pixelated graphics and the music that harkens back to classic video games. It’s the in thing mobile casual games and it works very well in Ollie Cats.

Controls are simple: swipe to ollie (jump) when you’re on the ground. Swipe when you’re airborne to grind. Swipe up down, left and right to do various tricks, change direction and jump over obstacles. You can also do 360 and flips to fill that meter up, and the more you play the more you become conversant with this.

You earn one point for every cat you’re able to jump over as you skate, and it’s easier said than done as the felines are pretty quick. Each ollie you do over a cat is always one point no matter how fancy your tricks are. But the score is just a bonus as the game is about polishing your skateboarding skills.

If you love skateboarding, Ollie Cats is for you. It’s a cool game, has lots of humor and most of all fun. With just a few swipes here and there, you’ll be jumping over those cats and rails like a bona fide skateboarder.

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