Little Fox from Zplay is a 3D style platformer, and its beautiful graphics and engrossing gameplay will keep you coming back for more. You’re playing a fox who has to gather tear drops which the Little Prince has ignored, and while it sounds simple can be a little tricky to master.

Hexagon tiles comprise each level and the Little Fox automatically runs. What you do is control the direction he’s headed by tapping left or right respectively. The fox changes movement along the tile’s side, and you have to make sure he does not fall off.

What makes this challenging is you have to guide the fox with one run. If he falls off anytime you go back to the beginning of the level. A nice feature though is you can return to the levels you finished to get all the tears. This is probably something you will want to do as Little Fox is a challenging game, and your first objective will probably be to try and finish each level.

The key is being patient and look for the best route to reach the end of each level. Like other games of this type you’re gong to die more than a few times, but it’s still fun to try and finish the level and move on to the next one. The beautiful graphics and music also adds to the atmosphere and will keep you wanting more. Bottom line: Little Fox is a fun little game which casual gamers will like.

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