There are a lot of arcade games on mobile, but Slip Away from Nanovation has gotten the attention of many and with good reason. It’s easy to pick up, the soundtrack is really good and has those qualities that make it immersive. The simplest way to describe Slip Away is as an underwater platform game, but there’s more to it.

When the game starts you’ll briefly see instructions to tap left or right to move, and that is basically what you do, tap left or right to slip up and away from the darkness while avoiding obstacles. What really keeps you immersed is the music as it fits the game just right especially if you plug in headphones.

Your jellyfish character swims up left or right as you tap, and you have to be careful and you have to avoid rocks, lasers, spikes and other obstacles. The key is to keep tapping, otherwise you’ll slip down and get crushed by the spikes and rocks.

Just like other games, you collect currency that allows you to unlock more jellyfish you can use. What makes Slip Away more challenging than your typical game is the obstacles and paths change whenever you play, so it doesn’t get repetitive.

Slip Away is a cool game and a lot of fun to play. The simple mechanics means anyone can get into it, and while it takes time to get those high scores, you can play it again and again without tiring as there are always new obstacles and surprises.

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