You know a rare gig is afoot when it involves an all-star collective headed by one of the most acclaimed dance music acts of recent times. On 13th September 2009 at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, dance musicians Caribou put together a 15-piece band that included famed artists like Four Tet and members of the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra. The resulting performance is just as stunning as fans could expect.

The music performed by the Caribou Vibration Ensemble revels in maximalism. The compositions are dense with instrumentation, packing as much sound as is aesthetically possible and often erupt into untamed, chaotic moments. The fact that there are four drummers playing together in Carbou’s band only adds to the ruckus. Stylistically, the record is a masterful blend of free-jazz, electronica and psychedelic music. The wails of the shrill horn sections swiftly cut through the mix, and the saxophones can be as soft and harmonious as they are loud and boisterous. Main-man Dan Snaith, meanwhile, infuses the music with his signature ghostly electronic rhythms and harmonies.

Favorite Track: Sandy, Skunks

Track List
1. Every Time She Turns Round It’s Her Birthday 08:45
2. Hendrix With Ko 04:32
3. Sandy 04:25
4. Skunks 06:14
5. Barnowl 10:42
6. Melody Day 05:11
7. Brahminy Kite 05:26
8. A Final Warning 09:51

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