Most of us access our contacts from our device’s address book. However, Contact+ from the Contact Plus team takes it to another level. This isn’t just a contacts app though, as it is also a contacts backup, dialer, spam blocker and caller ID all in one. You can also use the app for sending text messages, and it allows image syncing with Twitter and Facebook.

Swiping left or right gives you access to its message list, dialer and call log. For your convenience, Contacts+ creates your contact list from your Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, FourSquare or Twitter account. Once your contacts are set, you can arrange your contacts into groups or favorites for easy access.

Contacts+ lets you send text messages, and it’s as simple as selecting the contact, typing your message and sending. The app also lets you sort and arrange contacts by frequency of access, recent activity and name, giving you full control over your contacts.

A frequent problem with contacts is duplicates: if a contact has changed phone number, you could easily forget to remove the old one. With Contacts+ all duplicate entries are merged, keeping your contacts clean. And if your contact list has gotten very long, use the search function to a find a person by name, company name or contact info.

What if you want to call? No problem, just tap and hold their picture profile and make your call. There’s even a speed dial built in as well. Bottom line, Contacts+ is a well-rounded app for managing your contacts.

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