Spry Fox released Alphabear back in 2015 to great success, and now they’re back with Alphabear 2. The basic premise of this word puzzle hasn’t changed, but several new features have been added that makes it more fun. Aimed at kids and grown-ups alike, this is more than your average puzzler.

You start by choosing a bear and options include polar, panda, black, brown etc. Controls are straightforward and the story is easy to follow. Basically, the bears travel back in time and make a mess, and the only way to set things right is to spell out various words.

You have to choose letters to spell words and make the bears appear. For the bears to show up you’ve got to utilize letters that are next to each other. The bears’ size increases when you use more words, plus it boosts your score. The more points you score the bigger the bears and the better your chances of keeping the bears after solving the puzzle. If you collect certain bears you’ll get a timer boost too.

Bear collecting isn’t just for fun though, as it can also spell the key to success. Each bear has unique features that will be useful at various stages of the game. What’s important is you choose the right one. There are recommendations given for each level but you can choose one yourself.

Alphabears 2 is a worthy follow up to the original, and it improves a lot on it. Even if you don’t consider yourself a big word puzzle game fan, this one could win you over. The levels are challenging but in no way impossible, and there’s always something to keep you going.

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