Since all smartphones and tablets come with a camera, you’re probably wondering why is there a proliferation of camera apps for mobile? While the built in apps are functional they do have limitations. That is where Footej Camera by Semaphore becomes useful as it has many features you’d find handy.

The intuitive interface means even a first time user won’t have trouble figuring out the basic function. The main menu has the necessary buttons to go from video to image editing. All the images are stored in one place so access is quick and convenient.

Support for two camera API is built in and you tap buttons to aim, shoot in burst mode and use other standard camera app features. Its video record features are pretty good too as you can record in slow motion. Want to create some animated GIFs? No problem.

Using Footej is as simple as point and click, but if you want to tinker with shutter speed and other features you can do that too. That’s one of the reasons why this app is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike. You can have the app as simple as you want or control the various settings.

There is a premium version with more features, and it’s up to you if you want to pay for it. But for many casual Android users, this free version is going to be just fine. So if you’re not happy with the default camera app on Android, give Footej a try.

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