Teen pop with an acapella twist? Nope, we’re not talking about Glee.

If you’re a fan of sisterly saccharine sweetness in the vein of Aly & AJ (‘memba them?), then the latest free EP release from sister act Cimorelli will take you back to a time where cold winter nights dominated milk-and-smores sessions.

Armed with their guitars, vocal harmonies, and heartfelt songwriting, Lisa, Dani, Katherine, Amy, Christina, and Lauren are decidedly wholesome throughout the 9 beautifully-arranged tracks.

Midway song “Move On” comes as a personal pick, injecting light rapping here and there to complement their signature acoustic sound. The title track, “Hearts of Fire,” meanwhile, is one pop-rock jam that comes without the rocking, but is catchy enough not to warrant additional instrumentation.

The closing song, “Someone To Chase,” sums up just how lovelorn these girls are, detailing heartbreak and crushes in a much relatable way. It’s like listening to Taylor Swift without the fluff.

Track list:
1. Hearts On Fire (Acoustic)
2. I’m a Mess (Acoustic)
3. Before October’s Gone (Acoustic)
4. I Like It (Acoustic)
5. Move On (Acoustic)
6. Good Enough (Acoustic)
7. Unsaid Things (Acoustic)
8. A Lot Like Love (Acoustic)
9. Someone To Chase (Acoustic)

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