“Blessed is the system that can pacify and sanctify”, track #3 goes.

Seward Stockton falls in and out through various ‘rabbit holes’ of life, and he narrates every little detail in this EP.

The Holes We Fall Out of and Into is what an e-Book would sound like if it’s sung. Not only does each of his songs tackle different themes, but Seward sings each of them in a narrative fashion – like a country song, sans the banjo – that feels all too literary and Catcher in the Rye-esque.

The musical journey starts in the introspective yet empathic “These Little Pieces”, where the first-person narrator insists on keeping his feelings to himself in spite of the person in front of him, who may be very well “Lisa”, the one who ‘kept him in hell’, the window-smashing “James”, the “Fisherman” who he wants to be, or another batch of morose people in “Small Storms”.

Seward, with clever guitar work that feels all too reminiscent of the Reality Bites soundtrack, delves in to the nuances and the complexities that go beyond just mere pain, love, or alienation.

It’s poetry set into harmony.

Track listing:
These Little Pieces
Small Storms

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