Lee Scratch Perry Beat Tape by Lee Perry

Lee Perry has become a stalwart in Jamaican music. Whether people recognize him or not, there's no denying that much of his work and contributions to the Jamaican musical culture are quite relevant. Perry is both a producer and a musician with much of his work becoming a big influence in ushering reggae and dub in both the local and international scene. Throughout his career, he has released quite a lot of songs as well as albums. His use of a four track recorder in contrast to the advanced equipment his contemporary producers in that time became well accepted. His clever use of samples were accompanied with a characteristic "chugging beat" which eventually became a mainstay in reggae music. Lee Scratch Perry Beat Tape is a tribute compilation to the man created by Brisbane based outfit Dub Temple Records.

New Lands: Melville

New Lands is a somewhat mysterious band/artist. Hardly anything about them is up online but one thing's for sure, the group has a knack for brooding and sometimes upbeat electro rock that'll convert listeners into fans. Melville is the latest offering from the artist. So far, they've released a total of three compilations, including a self-titled debut in 2006 and another record called, Distant in 2008. This 2010 compilation is actually composed of tracks recorded between 2007 and 2008. They might be a few years old but they've still got that special touch that's worth checking out.

Count Your Lucky Stars: YLS Sampler #4

Count Your Lucky Stars is an independent label that has been releasing music from local rock bands. This Michgan-based label has compiled a huge sampler containing 21 tracks from various bands and musicians. Most of the cuts feature a rock/indie rock vibe that definitely delivers some of the best rhythms you can find around. The record contains music from Empire! Empire!, The Reptilian, Penfold, Boris Smile, Mountains for Clouds and so much more.

Knoxband: Emerging From The Shadows

For a mere side project, Knoxband easily impresses with its eerie and quiet electronic/post rock/diy touch. Spearheaded by Vru Patel, the outfit first came out back in 2005. Combining a host of musical influences, the album is filled with a variety of genres; all packed into a tight, sonically pleasing sound that easily lets listeners drift into the unknown world.

Limited Fanfare Records Spring Summer Sampler 2013

Compiling some of the best rock and indie rock acts around, Limited Fanfare Records is a hub for artists looking to build themselves up through their music and talent. Fostering a process of cultivation instead of instant success, the Florida based record company has been delivering great musicians who are masters of their craft.

Stripmall Architecture: Hollow Hello

Stripmall Architecture is a band that has one interesting name. To match the interest, the group creates equally intriguing music that offers a bit of an escape. Their blend of electronica and dream pop is beautiful and easily conjures up a sweet atmosphere.