YPL: Garbage Collection

If you have a soft spot for poppy Japanese songs, then you just might have found a best friend in Garbage Collection by ypl. Contrary to the album title, this is nowhere near garbage and actually resembles an upbeat and cutesy Japanese pop fest. Filled with gorgeous synths, rhythms and electro girly vocals, you'll feel right at home. Not much is known about the musician but the record speaks for itself. It won't be surprising to find this on anyone's "favorite music" roster at all.

The Sorry Shop: Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy

Don't be fooled by The Sorry Shop, the band really doesn't have anything to be sorry about. Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy is a brilliant record that showers listeners with fuzzy guitars, hazy vocals and a catchiness you'll only find in most 90s college rock bands. The band is the perfect filler if you've been craving for that sweet noise rock sound where all you hear are warbled lyrics and distorted guitars. Of course, this also means some awesome, catchy rhythm to accompany it. The band delivers all this and a bit more. This is the first full length debut for the group. Their initial release was a short 5-track EP titled, Thank You Come Again.

Lost Tapes: Lost Tapes

Dream pop never sounded so good than from this Spanish duo. The Lost Tapes is a short yet fun compilation you can play while on the road and when chilling on that quiet evening. This self-titled debut comes with only four tracks but it's enough to make you want to listen to it on repeat. It is a gathering of sweet and absolutely charming set of cuts that should be worth the listen. Lost Tapes is made up of friends Pau Roca and RJ Sinclair. Their collaboration is borne out of their love for music and cinema. Even though they are hundreds of miles apart, the two started sharing simple notes as well as computer recordings. Eventually, they started sharing compositions and created a compilation worthy of any indie pop lover's admiration.

F. Virtue: Chinook

After having a successful run contributing his talents as producer or part of, Time Crisis; talented emcee, F. Virtue finally takes the time to give his fans a taste of his own little world. Chinook serves as a precursor to the musician's upcoming record and if it's any indication, the album will definitely be worth checking out. The 6-track compilation has been described as "emo" and "dark." Indeed, the EP sees F.Virtue peeling back layers of experience and emotions, exposing raw skin that lets listeners get a feel for what the artist is all about.

Sole: Dispatches From The American Fall

When it comes to expressing thoughts and views into music, Sole is one emcee that delivers his mind loud and clear through his tracks. Dispatches from the American Fall is the latest compilation from the outspoken musician whose real name is Tim Holland. Based in Portland, Maine, he founded and managedthe label, Anticon. He has also been a part of groups like Live Poets, So Called Artists and Deep Puddle Dynamics to name a few. This 23-track mixtape contains cuts filled with scathing thoughts and diatribes about the system. Whether it's about economy, society and the perils of living in an "evil" empire. The tracks feature soliloquies gathered over a decade and layered over catchy beats. It's an interesting record that should feed your political and revolutionary inclinations.

Killed By A Word: Kids With No Life Manuals

Hassen Daoues has been around the industry for awhile. He's released several singles/compilations under different pseudonyms like Anagramist and A Textura From Heaven. Today, he's back with a different moniker; Killed By A Word. This time he brings in tow his latest compilation, Kids With No Life Manuals. More experimental, the Tunisian artist describes it as a collection of tracks that focuses on the study of textures and samples.

Glow and The Forest

Glow and the Forest is an indie pop group that's made up of Micah Gettys, David White and Matthew Guay. This self-titled debut EP is their first foray as a group and it clearly offers something interesting to their listeners. Echoing a bit of the dreamy harmonies of The Shins with the quirkiness of The Flaming Lips, the trio is successfully setting themselves apart with their sound. Combining nice harmonies and great instruments, the album provides a nice little getaway for anybody willing to listen.