Stripmall Architecture is a fun husband and wife duo of Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom. These two have been making waves in the electronic music scene at the Bay area for quite awhile.

Combining entertaining electronic, 80s style synthesizer music, the album is like an 80s music compilation revamped and stamped with a modern touch. This duo have been together since 2008 and have released countless albums under their name. Whenever they’re on stage, they collaborate with various other musicians to deliver their catchy, sensual sound.

The Exotic Sounds of Stripmall Architecture is one of their latest records. It’s an exciting compilation that’s perfect for any electronic dance music lover out there.

Providing a mesmerizing set of vocals, Rebecca Coseboom makes you think of quiet reveries by the garden river. Like a nymph serenading its lover, Rebecca delivers sweet vocals from the onset of Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart. The surrounding sounds are equally compelling, showcasing the duo’s capacity at creating mood as well as atmosphere.

Missing Piece, exudes a sexier rhythm. Vocal work is stunning and the accompanying beat is reminiscent of 80s era sexy clubs with a stunning siren dancing on stage.

On the other hand, Lowbrow in the Evening, explores a darker electronic ambiance while Experiment 1, goes for a Ziggy Stardust meets 8-bit era kind of vibe. It’s a careful mix of synthesizers and evocative sounds that caress the senses nicely. Final two tracks include Radium Girls as remixed by John Fryer and We Are Not Cool (Nite Session.) The latter actually infuses a bit of industrial techno with sensual indie pop vocals.

There’s a reason why Stripmall Architecture has gained good ground in the electronic world right at the Bay Area. They have charisma; a penchant for creating captivating rhythms using synths and electronic instruments; and finally a gem of a vocalist in Rebecca Coseboom. The album has its own personality. It easily seduces the listener to love it and it’s pretty hard not to comply. Take a listen and see if you like it.

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