Killed By A Word: Kids With No Life Manuals

Hassen Daoues has been around the industry for awhile. He's released several singles/compilations under different pseudonyms like Anagramist and A Textura From Heaven. Today, he's back with a different moniker; Killed By A Word. This time he brings in tow his latest compilation, Kids With No Life Manuals. More experimental, the Tunisian artist describes it as a collection of tracks that focuses on the study of textures and samples.

AstroLust: Illusions

Illusions is a world where only beats, rhythm and dub matter. Created by Dominic H. Francisco aka AstroLust, the album throbs and teases with various triphop dub sounds. There's really not that much info about the artist available online but one thing's for sure, his capacity to capture this cool and dark atmosphere by manipulating samples, synths and instruments is praiseworthy. This is the fourth release from the artist since June 2012 and it seems listeners can expect some more until the year ends.

Birdview Crew: June EP – a massive collection of interesting beats

Birdview Crew is a musical project made up of some of the most creative underground beat makers and producers around. The collective promises to drop an album every month and for the month of June 2012, they're delivering this instrumental ambient beauty. The compilation, aptly titled June, features 22 tracks. Showcasing a mix of dub, techno, ambient, electronica, fusion, hiphop and experimental; it's one lively mix that's perfect for the ears.

Shipwrek: Journal

With nothing but a short sentence stated on his website "about" section, Journal by Shipwrek is as mysterious as it is engaging. Aiming to capture those fleeting moments and translate them into a gorgeous mix of beats, synths and rhythm; Journal manages to create a rich landscape of sound that listeners can easily get lost in. The man behind Shipwrek is Jason Siegler. His fascination with capturing his day to day existence into sound initially started as a simple project but quickly evolved into a complex set of recordings that throb and pulse with energy as well as life.

Samedi Sound System (Dub Temple Records): Duke Side A

Samedi Sound System is an Aussie duo made up of Baron Oneway and Vir Asan. The two have been staples on the Aussie club scene, spinning tracks for frenetic club goers. Duke Side A is the first record for the duo and it attempts to capture the energy they generate while pleasing gyrating and throbbing bodies in the dancefloor. The DJs spin anything from dancehall, dub to jungle music in their sets. Hence, it’s no surprise that this record echoes with various genres coalescing into each other and creating one coherent track after another. This amazing dance staple is offered for free and released under Brisbane-based independent label, Dub Temple Records.

Ephera: Wonky EP

Skillfully mixing 8-bit, dubstep, hip hop and experimental electronica in their sound, Ephera creates a surreal musical dreamland in their music. Wonky EP is the latest effort from the now duo of Billy Gsellmann and Will Baker. Containing a whole fusion of genres, the album seems tailor made for bodies throbbing on a rave or club dance floor. The EP contains 6 tracks and was released on October 2012.

All India Radio: Free Me (Remixes & Outtakes)

All India Radio is a four piece crew from the land down under. Even if you've never heard of them, chances are you might have encountered their songs from TV shows like CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill or Australia's premiere series, Bondi Rescue. They've released 8 albums since 2000 and continue to impress as well as win over more listeners thanks to their ambient sound. Their mix of hypnotic downbeat electronica serves as a lush soundscape that listeners can easily get lost in. Free Me (Remixes & Outtakes) contains a collection of released/remixed and previously unreleased songs that's offered by the boys for free.

Phototaxis: Pretty Ugly

Phototaxis is a special band that's made primarily of Yael Feldinger (lead vocalist and singer;) as well as Itay Tsuk (composer, arranger and pianist.) They're joined together by the talented crew of Nir Blum, Roy Cheled, Yael Geva and Neta Cohen Shani. The band is only a couple of years old, but they seem poised for success; having their debut record come out to critical praise in their home country of Israel. Fusing a lush set of tracks that echo jazz, blues and a trip hop atmosphere; Pretty Ugly is a strong record that aims to please its listeners and does it successfully.