With nothing but a short sentence stated on his website “about” section, Journal by Shipwrek is as mysterious as it is engaging.

Aiming to capture those fleeting moments and translate them into a gorgeous mix of beats, synths and rhythm; Journal manages to create a rich landscape of sound that listeners can easily get lost in.

The man behind Shipwrek is Jason Siegler. His fascination with capturing his day to day existence into sound initially started as a simple project but quickly evolved into a complex set of recordings that throb and †pulse with energy as well as life.

Journal is one of those albums you’d want to put on if you need a break from repetitive pop music or loud songs. Made up of laid-back, contemplative beats; it’s easy to mind map your way through things with this compilation on.

As mentioned, the songs on the album serve as a day to day recording of the artists’ life translated into beats, synths, samples and other quirky/soothing sounds. Starting off this album is Speakeasy, a concoction of trip hop beats and a slight gamer almost “curious” vibe throughout the track. One thing you’ll notice as the cuts take one turn after another, is that each one has its own little atmosphere and personality.

In Chasing Circles, you have that reflective mood playing off as the piano swirls and electronic beats fly around before eventually forming into a cohesive unit. Other cuts to check out include For the Days You Don’t Feel It and Barefeeted.

Overall, the entire record flows with emotion. Each instrument and sound used has a purpose; making it a charming album that could easily become the soundtrack to your day to day life as well. Take a listen and enjoy.

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