Elemint B. Fresh: Brain Food LP

Following the successful release of Poet Tree featured here on Frostclick, Elemint is visiting our pages yet again. This time his work comes in the shape of 13 great hip hop tracks ready to tickle even the most refined of musical senses. Freshly released Brain Food builds up on artist's earlier albums by introducing a more diverse (and engaging) array of sounds, all while maintaining his carefully crafted lyrics and dynamic vocals that never disappoint. Listening to the LP guarantees the discovery of 'playlist ready' favorites so be sure to grab your very own copy today!

These Animals: These Animals EP

New York has always been home to some of the most interesting musicians and These Animals is one four-piece crew that you can easily add to this roster. The boys have just released their self-titled EP showcasing their brand of hipster style pop dance rock, and together with their previous album, Souvenir Sessions, made all of this musical goodness available as a free download through FrostWire. These Animals met in art school and decided to get together to form the band in 2010. Creating 60s style dance pop music, they showcase their various influences through their energetic sound and performances.

Mouth’s Cradle: The Next Big Thing

Electrifying mix of head-banging beats, video game tunes, 50s soul, garage rock, pop and a good dose of slammin white boy hip-hop - want even more? If you do than Mouth's Cradle is here to satisfy all your musical senses. You might already seen their name in the iTunes Store's "New and Noteworthy" and "Pop" pages or the countless blogs raving about their latest release. And if you still didn't here is your chance to get properly acquainted as the duo have selected seven amazing tracks from their album The Next Big Thing and with a tiny help of FrostWire decided to share them with the world.

The Scribblenauts: Low Light Turbulance

This week FrostClick & FrostWire bring you a debut album from The Scribblenauts – a talented hip-hop trio out of Boston. Each of them has been pursuing a solo career before these friends decided to combine their musical abilities to create an even better product. Their debut album is a mature and well composed release. Each track was easy to listen to and there was no unnecessary attempt at going over the top.