Software or Games for iPhone

Where’s My Water? Free

Where’s My Water from Disney is an exciting physics based puzzle game. Your objective is to route water for an alligator named Swampy. The game is notable not just because Swampy is Disney’s first original character for mobile phones, but because it’s really good. Swampy the alligator hates being dirty, so you need to give him regular baths, but it’s easier said than done.


iSpending is an app for the iOS that allows you to keep track of your expenses right on your mobile. Developed by Hana Mobile, the app is intuitive and very easy to use. Upon launch you will see reports for your annual, monthly, weekly and daily expenses.

What’s the Word? new quiz with pics and words

What’s the Word? new quiz with pics and words is a word association game, and it is one of the hottest games for the iOS right now. Created by RedSpell, it’s easy to see why it is so popular; the concept is very simple but it is very engaging and addictive. In the game, you are presented with pictures that can all be described with one word, and it is your task to find out what the word is.

Remote for iPad

Remote for the iPad is a free program from Apple that makes it easy to manage iTunes, your iPad as well as iPhone. With iTunes you will always be in sync, and the latest version of the program makes it easier than ever to manage your media library. You can also use the app to add new songs and listen to them on your PC, Mac or Apple TV.

Ham on the Run

In Ham on the Run by Glu Games, you goal is to help a pig eat veggies, run and jump on the heads of chickens. The controls of the game are very simple, in fact it doesn’t have any instructions when you start it up, as you’ll immediately start playing.


Maxthon is not as well known as the other browsers, but it actually has enough features to match the others. A product of Maxthon International, it has two display modes; Retro and Ultra. Retro mode is for old websites created with legacy tools. Ultra Mode is for the latest websites. The browser uses the appropriate mode so pages display faster. There are a bunch of other extras included: ad and pop-up blockers, multisearch, autofill and drag and drop. You can do screen captures, translate languages, get feeds and take notes.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

With Hungry Hungry Hippos, Hasbro has brought this classic board game to the iOS, While there have been other hippo games, none are as fun as this one. Not only that, but it is very colorful and plays smoothly, making it great for kids and the young at heart.

Tiny Post

Tiny Post allows you to add photo captions to your images. Designed for the iPhone and iPod, you can use it to add words of wisdom, humor, cynicism or whatever else you can think of. Developed by Beeem Inc, it lets you add a new level of personalization for all your pictures. Plus you can share the these images on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram after editing them.

Fix-it Felix Jr

Fix it Felix Jr by Disney is a port of the original arcade game for the iPhone. If you’re old enough to remember the original version, downloading and playing it on your iOS again will be a lot of fun. If you have never played arcade games before, welcome to the wonderful world of 8 bit graphics.