Remote for the iPad is a free program from Apple that makes it easy to manage iTunes, your iPad as well as iPhone. With iTunes you will always be in sync, and the latest version of the program makes it easier than ever to manage your media library. You can also use the app to add new songs and listen to them on your PC, Mac or Apple TV.

Remote makes it a breeze to selected songs, playlists and albums, and you can also now use it to play songs on a playlist from iCloud. Itís also easy to learn, and with it you can change playacts or browse your collection anyplace in your home. With Remote you can control your gadgets with your finger and it works very efficiently too. Thanks to control shared libraries, syncing and looking for specific files become less complicated.


With Remote you can control the volume of speakers, use iTunes to transmit music to AirPlay speakers and update iTunes too. The app also lets you view artwork from albums, movies and TV shows, and of course it has all the basic playback functions youíd expect like volume adjustment, shuffle, play, pause, rewind, fast forward and a few more. If you want you can add new songs to your device and hear them being played automatically or have it pick up where you left off.

Remote is really an all purpose device, giving you complete control not just over your Apple TV but other iOS devices, and itís really convenient to use. Since itís free you really have nothing to lose by trying it, and it can make iOS browsing and syncing a lot easier.

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