Software for Apple Desktop Devices


Google2SRT by Komz is a free utility that lets you download, keep and convert several subtitles off Google Video and YouTube into SubRip (.srt) format. SRT is a format that majority of media players recognize, so if you play and edit videos a lot this tool will be very convenient.


TestDisk is an open source data recovery program designed to run on multiple platforms. Developed by the TestDisk Development Team, it is capable of recovering partitions and let you boot disks again if they appear to be faulty. While there are a lot of powerful features on the program, it is straightforward to use.


FreeCol is an open source resource management / strategy game inspired by the classic game Civilization. It incorporates many elements from the classic game as well as new ones. Players command pioneers as they attempt to colonize the New World. Your choices are Russian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, English, French, Spanish or Dutch explorers.


JStock is a multiplatform open source program that enables you to make a stocks database. You can download these and deliver charts and data. This is done in real time and you can do it in more than 20 stock markets in the world. The software also helps you configure stock portfolios. Using this feature you can easily calculate your loss and profits.


Adapter for Mac and the PC takes away all the hassle that comes with converting various media files to other formats. This program by Macroplant only takes a few mouse clicks to convert a file and the process is also quick. Even if you are a new user, the installation is very simple and the interface makes it easy to use.


Sleipnir is a free browser by Fenrir Inc. for Windows and the Mac, and nobile versions are available for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. While it isn’t as well known as the others in the market, it is actually very good and has a lot of things going for it. Among them are tabs that can be arranged in multiple ways for your laptop, widescreen or other screens. You can also do search, drag, close, refresh and other functions with your mouse, and that’s just for starters.