JStock is a multiplatform open source program that enables you to make a stocks database. You can download these and deliver charts and data. This is done in real time and you can do it in more than 20 stock markets in the world. The software also helps you configure stock portfolios. Using this feature you can easily calculate your loss and profits.

JStock also makes it a breeze to monitor your stocks, and its alerts delivery via the system tray, email or SMS can be based on indicators you set. There is also a chat function that allows you and other JStock users to interact while trading.


The fact that it allows real time data download is very convenient and you can also view these data. For instance, you can have the software set alerts on the indicators you specify. This is very useful if say you want to be informed when the price of a particular stock has reached its highest level the past six months.

If you just have a couple of stocks, JStock will be more than capable of handling them, but even if you are monitoring hundreds, the software can handle it as well. If you’re a trader, this is the feature you need.

JStock has a tab marked Real Time Info, and this is where stocks are listed on your monitor. There are pre-populated stocks on the software but you can easily remove these and replace with your own. If you want you can download the entire stock list from any country. You can also view a stock’s history via a chart.

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