Springpad by Spring Partners is a nifty little app that lets you save any file you want anytime. The latest version of the app sports a simpler interface and the app has been tweaked so it runs faster on the Android and iOS. While there are many apps that let you save files, few are as intuitive as this.

Tiny Post

Tiny Post allows you to add photo captions to your images. Designed for the iPhone and iPod, you can use it to add words of wisdom, humor, cynicism or whatever else you can think of. Developed by Beeem Inc, it lets you add a new level of personalization for all your pictures. Plus you can share the these images on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram after editing them.

Pepperplate Cooking Planner

The Internet is home to millions of recipes. But itís a pain to save each one and print them out. Pepperplate Cooking Planner allows you to make an electronic cookbook. Created by Pepperplate Inc, it helps you arrange recipes. The app is like a complete meal planner. The app can link to several recipe websites. You can create an account on their website so all the recipes are synchronized. IPad users can attach tags to recipes, useful when your collection grows. There are a lot of features in the app. But you can think of it as a meal planner, food shopping guide and recipe organizer. Pepperplate Cooking Planner makes it easy to sort and search recipes you made.


Fotobounce is a photo management software that lets users upload images, even on a phone. Once on the web, these images can be shared. What makes the software different is its security. You decide who gets to see your photos. The software from Applied Recognition Inc also makes it easy to upload pictures to AirSet, Flickr and Facebook.


Between is a social network app for couples. It was created by VCNC, a South Korean company. The app was boringly designed for the Asian market but its popularity has caused it to spread throughout the US and the rest of the world. In a nutshell, Between is a social network for couples. Unlike other social networking apps where everything you post is there for the world to see, Between is private. You can share photographs, messages and memories with your special someone. There is real time chatting. Plus there are a lot of emoticons, hearts and smiley faces you can use.


As an open source video and music player, Miro has a lot in common with other free players. But it goes beyond what the usual freeware offers. Aside from managing audio and video, it also doubles as an audio/video shopping center. Miro allows users to import their libraries from iTunes. There is support for Android syncing. If you are looking for the iTunes equivalent in Android devices, this is it. Aside from supporting all popular video and audio formats, you can download or subscribe to podcasts.


Foodspotting is all about finding your favorite dishes or restaurants nearby. If you want to find out what your local restaurant is serving up, this app from Foodspotting Inc can help. The information comes from users who post images of their favorite foods. This setup is different from other apps in that you get first hand info from real users and restaurant goers.

App 2 SD

Android is one of the leading smartphone platforms and there is no doubt about it, and the ever-growing Android Market just leaves the user spoilt with choices. Apps ranging from casual-free games to hardcore 3D console action, and utility apps that just make life a whole-lot easier. The biggest drawback being the storage-space. All the apps, once installed, get saved in the phone memory and not on the expandable one, taking up to much space off the already limited phone storage. Here comes in the life-savior (memory-savior), App 2 SD.