Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth is one feature, that has made sharing over/with devices a breeze, and now the comfort is taken to the next level by adding an extra layer of security with OBEX FTP (File Transfer Profile) and OPP (Object Push Profile). Developed by Medeivial Software, Bluetooth File Transfer is one app that really heightens the file sharing feature via Bluetooth.


Very recently NFC has made a stir in the world of smartphones by boasting of sharing data wirelessly without any clicks. It is like magic, whereas two devices just need to be bumped against each other and Voila! the content is transferred. Well, every handset does not have NFC chips, so to get the cool quotient on your Android and iOS, it is time to download Bump. Brought to life by Bump Technologies, Inc., a Top Developer on the Android Market, the team has created a masterpiece in the form of the Bump app and have truly brought about the feeling of owning an NFC enabled device to all non-NFC users.

IBM Lotus Notes

In the present scene of phishing online, encryption of confidential emails is of utmost importance for the professional on-the-go. So, here comes in IBM Lotus Notes Travel Companion. IBM Lotus notes is nothing new or unheard of in the professional world and does a very neat job with the highest level of data-encryption available today. IBM Lotus Notes allows users to send, receive and view encrypted data through the app. Users with Domino mail will be loving this app for the plethora of functionality this app throws-in for them. Domino Mail users can not only sync their account with Lotus Notes but also view mail on their iPhone.

iDownload PLUS

iOS is one of the most versatile smartphone ecosystems, but the entire Apple restriction scene bogs it down for advanced users. Thankfully there are third-party apps such as iDownload PLUS, a free download manager for iOS developed by AppFactor and said to be one of the most powerful and swiftest download managers on the App Store. iDownload PLUS removes the restrictions on the number of download files at one time. This is a major plus point for all iOS users on an unlimited data plan.


For mac users everywhere who are looking for an easy way to share files from one computer to their iPhone, iPad or other mac computers, DropCopy is the perfect software to have. Looking like an alien ring logo sitting on your desktop, this little software is quite easy to use and will definitely save time and effort in transferring files. With its simple drag and drop function, the program makes it possible to share documents, images, and other things between computers that have DropCopy installed. The program is free for personal use, allowing you to hook up to 3 devices. If you need to share with more devices, there's a Pro version available for a certain fee.