Shareit from Lenovo Shareit Technologies is a file sharing app, and while it’s not the first and won’t be the last, this is one of the most popular owing to its reliability. Sending files over the web can be slow at times, and that’s not even taking into account the device incompatibility problems. With this app, sharing between different smartphones and desktop PCs is made easy.


GoPro app is the official app for the GoPro camera, courtesy of Woodman Labs, and it’s definitely a must. With this you get more from your camera using either the iOS, Android or Windows Phone. It’s basically a way of remotely controlling your camera and making the sharing process easier, but it can do more.


QikShare from iVinny is an app that allows you to save share files to your computer and other mobile devices. However you are not limited to sharing photos and videos as you can also share text messages, email and other files, making this a very convenient file to use especially if you like to share stuff with friends and colleagues.

Free RAR Extract Frog

Free RAR Extract Frog helps in extracting RAR files as well as downloading those that are already damaged. If you are having problems downloading RAR files (a compressed PDF) or the message is telling you it's a damaged file, this software is just the answer. Simply right click, open and save it as a PDF or whatever else you want it as. It does the same job for audio and video files.


Snapchat by Snapchat, Inc is an iPhone app that lets you send photos that will self destruct according to the time you specify. So if you want to send a photo that a recipient can view for say 6 seconds, set the timer to it. Send the picture and it will be visible on their device for 6 seconds before disappearing for good.