Task Managers

Android Booster

Together with the iOS, Android is one of the best and the most powerful smartphone ecosystems out there and a highly capable optimizer would surely be a great addition. Here enters Android Booster. This is a do-it-all app with all the nitty-gritty under-the-hood for maximum functionality on any Droid device. Created by NQ Mobile (NetQin Mobile Inc.), this developer has quite a big list of productivity apps under their belt, so they definitely know what they are offering with our today's little treat.


Zotero is open source software for academic research. It is primarily aimed at professionals and students. But anyone who has to do research will find the program handy. Zotero gathers your materials in one place which you can then search and edit. The software is developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. The software allows you to add webpage snapshots, videos, images, audio files, PDFs and other files.

Advanced Task Killer

Attention Android users. How many times have you experienced battery depletion without any noticeable cause? This fault is not with the smartphone or the battery, but with the background applications. Android users will be shocked with the number of apps that get activated at start-up. These apps run quietly in the background and suck the juice out of the battery. The perfect solution to the elimination of the problem is Advanced Task Killer for Android.

Data Crow

Looking for a way to organize all of the media you have installed on your computer? Data Crow can help make the job easier. The program works by searching various media that's stored inside your computer and creating an easy-to-navigate catalogue that you can use. It works on both Windows and Mac OSX or Classic. The program itself is a few years old but it still works great and provides a simple way to access all your media without having to frantically search for them in your random folders. Moreover, Data Crow is free for download and features a public license.

Android Assistant

Android is largely an open ecosystem and sometimes it seems like too many things are happening there at the same time. The most effective way to know what is going on behind-the-screen is having an Assistant. Yes, we are talking about the Android Assistant with over 17 new features! Developed by Aaron Smith, this app really packs-in a punch with all the bells and whistles. Android smartphones are packed to the gill in terms of memory, RAM, processors, so an app acting as an assistant is a big boon for advanced as well as causal users.

iDownload PLUS

iOS is one of the most versatile smartphone ecosystems, but the entire Apple restriction scene bogs it down for advanced users. Thankfully there are third-party apps such as iDownload PLUS, a free download manager for iOS developed by AppFactor and said to be one of the most powerful and swiftest download managers on the App Store. iDownload PLUS removes the restrictions on the number of download files at one time. This is a major plus point for all iOS users on an unlimited data plan.

AVG Anti-Virus – reliable & free safety solution for all your devices

Having problems with the never-ending virus threats on your smartphone and desktop? Looking for a free alternative, but at the same time an effective solution. So here it is, the AVG Anti-Virus free-edition for Android. The Android Market is growing at a fast-pace, and so is the risk threat to our devices. Google markets Android as an open-source environment, so there is not a very strict scrutiny when new apps are published by developers. This leads to Malware enetring the Android Marketplace.

Self Control

Need help focusing on the task at hand? If you have always found yourself checking other websites or maybe checking your email when you should be working on your computer, then you might need "Self Control" installed. This handy little program allows you to block off certain websites as well as email temporarily so that you can focus on the task at hand. The program is the perfect solution for people who have trouble getting any work done, thanks to the constant distraction of various social networking sites, emails or maybe YouTube. The software was created by Steve Lambert and is a great help to people who simply cannot control themselves in straying from the task at hand.