Reverse Order

Looking for a non-typical puzzle game? Reverse Order can become a real treat if you're up for the challenge. The game is actually a variation of the timeless board game, Reversi. The original game sees players fighting to see who could turn over as many pieces from their opponents. Typically, players choose which side of the pieces they prefer and they take turns trying to turn over their opponents pieces. In Reverse Order, players will take turns placing pieces on the board in an attempt to turn over their opponents piece. In addition to that, players will have to match the pattern given on the left side of the screen.


Like most puzzle games, Propel contains almost the same basic mechanics. You find the exit, which is often cleverly hidden, so you can clear a particular level. However, despite the basic gameplay and mechanics, Propel manages to stand out thanks to the way it carefully combines platform gaming and solving puzzles. The game not only allows you to solve puzzles but it also makes sure that you practice and hone your motor-skills with its platformer type of gameplay. Propel was developed by Abscure Games and was actually a remake of an old game they had called "The Fall Game." If you're looking for an interesting puzzler, then give this one a go.

Pushover (remake)

Pushover is a revamped version of an old puzzle game back in the 90s. The main point of the game is that you have to figure out how to arrange the dominoes properly so that you can knock all of them down with just one push. The game is pretty much the same as the older version with several improvements added in the bag, of course. The puzzle pieces start off simple enough, but they do get much more complicated as you progress throughout the game. To add to the pressure, there's a time limit for each level so you have to be on your tippy toes when figuring out how to arrange the yellow pieces. The original game was published by Ocean and the remake was made by Ishisoft. Pretty cool puzzle game. Give it a go!


Fract is Myst-like game where you are immersed in this wonderful Tron inspired world. You solve puzzles and explore this glorious colorful world. The game consists of point and click controls making it quite interesting and unique. The game was developed by Richard Flanagan and among the finalists for the 2011 IGF Student Showcase Finalist. Fract is done entirely in 3D and features a really atmospheric world that takes away the player and immerses him into it. Currently, the updated beta version of the game runs on both PC and Mac systems so it's much easier for various games to enjoy. Give it a go by clicking the image or download link.

Raccord Sniper

Raccord Sniper is an experimental new indie game that comes from the creator of Loop Raccord and UFO On Tape. The game is a cool shooter that lets you play as the Raccord Police. Your goal is to search for weird furniture or other items inside various apartments and to actually shoot them down. The game was developed by Nicolai Troshinsky and is definitely a cool take on the usual shooting game genre. Although the developer admits to not intentionally creating a series of games based on raccord, so far, he has done two games with the same subject on the main page. Raccord Sniper was done entirely from recycled pictures of the IKEA catalogue; definitely a neat little game worth your while.

Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is a free puzzle game available for download on your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. This unique and challenging game directs you to control and move the trains from their starting points to their end points without crashing with each other. It sounds simple enough but a bit tricky to master. Like most games, the game has a full version called, Trainyard. Downloading Trainyard Express is a good way to gauge whether you should get the full version of the game or not. Unlike other trial versions that only feature 2-3 levels, this one offers 60 full levels for you to try out. These range from super simple to very difficult puzzles that will definitely keep you hooked. Why not give it a go right now and see whether this game will work for you or not. Get the free download at iTunes.


SuteF is a complicated and challenging puzzle platformer that will truly delight your senses. It's a cool game where you will need to shove around boxes, avoid laser beams, scale walls and activate switches. Your main goal for doing this would be escape from the "Abyss." This game is actually an updated version of an eerie, but interesting game called Fetus. Of course, suteF is more advanced and fleshed out. It contains new mechanics that will intrigue and challenge both old and new gamers alike. Each puzzle is creatively done, plus the entire game resonates with a semi dark atmosphere without going overboard. This one easily takes the cake as among the best puzzle games of 2010.


MazeFinger certainly knows how to make your fingers work for you. It's a pretty cool game that ensures your fingers get a good workout trying to figure out more than 1000 mazes while beating the clock. The game was created by then up-and-coming-developer-to-watch-out-for Ngmoco. Most developers might get pressured with this tag but instead, ngmoco actually stepped up and delivered. MazeFinger is an amazing, highly addictive game. The best part is that it is offered absolutely free! It works great on both the iPhone and iPod Touch; taking advantage of the amazing graphics that's offered in these devices. Download this amazing game right now.

Hazard: The Journey of Life

Hazard: The Journey of Life is a dreamlike new game that takes you on a journey through life. It's a first person game where you don't fire any guns or even have any enemies. Instead, it focuses on taking you to a trip down the many facets and complexities of life. The game was among the Grand Prize Winner in the Make Something Unreal as well as awarded Best Game in Game Connect Asia Pacific. The game features a unique and mindblowing graphic design that places a visual form in the abstract concepts of life. It's an interesting 3D adventure game that requires patience and an open mind in trying to figure out what life wants you to do. Definitely a must-try if you are into challenging experimental games.