Grief is like navigating through Dante's Divine Comedy minus the gore. This cool puzzle platformer sees you exploring the mind of a young girl who is seeking to find some clarity and answers. The game is an interesting take on what goes on in the mind of the young protagonist. It features 20 levels of cool puzzles that will certainly please any gamer. Grief was created by Magnesium Ninja Studios, a Richmond, BC indie game development studio. They've released countless other indie games throughout years and Grief is their most recent one. Check out the game. It won't disappoint.

John Cube

If puzzle games are more your thing, Johnny Cube should prove entertaining. This cool puzzler runs in the same vein as Sokoban. The game involves plenty of block pushing and puzzle solving. Even though it's quite new (released just this month by Primož Vovk, otherwise known as Blodyavenger) the game is already winning good points for its smooth gameplay. This is the second indie release for the developer, following the footsteps of the 2D game, Obelisk Blocks. It's definitely a game worth playing. The graphics are clean, gameplay is much better and smoother than Sokoban and it's certainly quite enjoyable. Give it a download by clicking the Download Game link on the upper left.


Blendimals is a cute puzzle platformer where you'll need to blend various animals together to create exciting news ones. You'll then need to use the abilities of the newly created animals to overcome the various obstacles in the game. Don't be fooled by the bright, eye popping, colorful graphics; this game isn't just meant for children but it's perfect for adults and kids-at-heart as well. The game was created by DADIU production (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment,) with 11 students manning the helm for the project. The team calls themselves the Exploding Cow. Plenty of quirkiness and lots of fun, you might want to give a go.

Doodle Hangman

Hangman is already an addictive enough game on its own, but with this highly stylized, animated version; you'll definitely want to keep playing over and over again. Released by EnsenaSoft, Doodle Hangman is an amazing new game worth trying. The game offers tons of features including a two player option. You can easily play with your mate and provide your own words while playing. The animation is excellent and definitely adds to the fun of playing this cool word puzzle. Give the game a download. It's perfect for the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch.


Cyber is one simple yet very entertaining game. It's created and produced by Italian game developer, Andrea Pignataro. In the game, you are tasked to play former police officer, Jason Currial, who gets dragged into a whole web of mystery and adventure after his best friend disappears. Even though the game isn't spectacular, it still manages to win you over. It's quite apparent how much love, pain and effort went into the game so it's difficult to simply dismiss it once you have started playing. If you are looking for a good, average detective game to pass off time, then this is the perfect one for you. It might not break barriers but it certainly has its good points.

Flood-It! 2

Flood-It! 2 is an interesting game that you might want to give a shot. Created by LabPixies, the game is a sequel to the original,Flood-It! which was also quite addictive. This time around, they've managed to create an even more exciting game by tweaking bits and pieces here and there. The game challenges you to flood the entire board with just one color, using a limited number of steps. It's a challenging puzzle game that'll definitely find a way to melt your brain along the way. If you are up for some challenge and would want to test out your puzzle solving skills then you've found the perfect game for you. It'll guarantee a great time.

Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a simple game where you are placed in control of a, well, paper plane. You use this to fly through a drab landscape as you explore and unlock various puzzles. Every time you unlock something, you slowly change the drab landscape around you. By flying close to certain "sparkling"objects, you alter something in the fabric of land and give life to various items once again. The game was created by ENJMIN from France. It won the IGF 2011 Student Showcase Prize thanks to its amazing graphics and interesting gameplay. Give it a go and prepare yourself for a bit of a challenge and a trip back to your own childhood memories. It's a fun game to try out.


Looking for a cool and child friendly game that you or your little one can enjoy? Try downloading Trace. Programmed and designed by Kevin Calderone, the game features more than 6 unique worlds and about 120 levels. Plus, it has an awesome original soundtrack. The game was released in the App Store about two years ago and is still available for free download. Trace is perfect for children ages 4-9 years old but this doesn't mean adults who are kids-at-heart can't go ahead and enjoy this cool game. Enjoy this drawing game by creating platforms and solve the entire level. Revisit the little child inside you and have fun!

Tiny and Big: Up That Mountain

Tiny and Big might still be in its Beta stages but it's already generating a fairly good buzz among many gamers. For one, the game features beautiful graphics, lovable characters and a cool gameplay; pretty much everything you could possibly want from a game! Created by Black Pants Game Studio, it became a 2011 Student Showcase Finalist. Its amazing graphics, quirky gameplay, and odd storyline add to the beauty of the game. In fact, it's hard to let this one pass by without even trying it out for yourself. The game is available for free download in various formats, including Mac, Linux and of course, Windows. Check out this game now!