Loop Raccord

Loop Raccord (or Raccord Loop) is a cool and unique game that's a current nominee for the upcoming 2011 IGF Nuovo Award. Developed according to the Experimental Gameplay Project's Neverending theme, the game showcases experimental gameplay that is interesting and captivating. The gameplay is a bit tricky to explain. Basically, you have to find the exact moment in an animated video or film and sync it with the next roll of video. Your goal is to create an infinite loop of movement by connecting every single video clip. Even though it's a bit tricky to do, there's no denying that it's a lot of fun. Created by Nicolai Troshinsky, it's one of the most original games out there. Just a word of warning though, it is a bit addictive but keep in mind that there's really no real end to the game.

Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero

Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero is a cool puzzle game that's been getting plenty of rave reviews online since it came out last year. It's a neat game where you find yourself playing a superhero that's out to save the world from succumbing to a major technological disaster. Of course, your named Shocker because you are made of pure electricity. Your objective is to connect the blue blocks and make an exit without sliding out of the screen. Considered to be one of the top games created last year, this cool puzzle game features 10 exciting levels that are so much fun to play. There's also a level editor to customize the levels. The graphics are quite good and the whole gameplay experience is definitely one for the record books. One game you shouldn't miss out.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a simple but very addictive game. The game tackles a subject that we are all too often familiar with, traffic jams. Your goal is to move all the other cars out of the way, so your virtual car can actually get out of the garage. The game works for both iPhone and iPad and is available in several languages. It was developed by Thinkfun and has gotten tons of great reviews from gamers and game reviewers. There's no denying that once you do give it a go, you'll find it hard to stop obsessing about how to clear out the way or make a path for your vehicle. It's definitely a fun-filled game that will keep you busy. Give it a download now.

Alchemy Classic

Do you love "brain games?" If you said yes to that, then you'll enjoy this free Android game. Alchemy Classic is a simple but highly addictive game where you pretend to be the alchemist and use your powers of deduction and judgement in passing the evolution path from bacteria to mammals. This puzzle game has been winning plenty of followers ever since it came out and it's really no surprise. Even though the game graphics might look boring, once you start playing; it's hard to stop. It was developed by NIAsoft and is actually a remake of an old MS-DOS game, titled, "Alchemy." Even though it's marketed as a puzzle game for Android, it's really a no-brainer to play. Just pure entertainment and fun if you ask me. Give it a go.

Sp. A.I

"In the near future, the online world decides the fate for reality. He who controls the digital controls all of humanity. In this battle for information enter Aiva, a hacking program that does battle on the information super highway, whose task is to access the enemy’s mainframe and shut it down." So goes the premise of this cool 3D puzzler game, Sp. A. I. Created by 5 third year uni students from Queensland, this cool game lets you play as a cyber detective hacking your way through a computer network. Pretty much, you try and break down firewalls, decrypt passwords or simply avoid triggering any of the security systems inside this neon cyberspace. It's an interesting game that features bright colors, low key sounds and awesome game elements. Definitely a must -play for all you game junkies out there.

Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave

Simplicity is beauty. However, Activate the Three Artefacts (sic) and then Leave takes this concept to a whole new level. The game places you inside a world filled with various lines that form and create optical illusions. Your objective is to find and activate three objects so you can escape from this chaotic world of mazes. Although it might seem like a simple game, it will definitely drive you to your wits end. Developed by Increpare Games, the game incorporates a mindnumbing maze, ambient sounds and a wickedly sinister gameplay. Give your puzzle solving skills a good exercise by playing this crazy but entertaining game.


SudoCue is one of the many Sudoku-based games available for free download online. There's no doubt that Sudoku has become quite a staple for brain puzzler enthusiasts. It's easy to play, it's challenging and some even claim that it helps to improve your mathematical skills. I'm not too sure whether it does or it doesn't but you can definitely have some fun solving those Sudoku puzzles with SudoCue.

Crack Attack

If you want to pass the time playing puzzles, then try out Crack Attack! It's a game similar to that of Tetris and Columns. The gameplay is actually pretty easy but at the same time is also provides enough of a challenge to make it fun. If you are looking for something to pass the time. The main objective of the game is simple enough. Line up at least 3 similar colored blocks together and they disappear. Of course, it has personal quirks and challenges to keep you on your toes while having fun. So why not check it out?

Everyday Jigsaw

If you are looking for something to pass the time, then why not solve jigsaw puzzles? Everyday Jigsaw is a great way for you to beat the influx of boredom. Unlike boring puzzle games, Everyday Jigsaw lives up to its name and provides you with a different jigsaw puzzle every single day. Choose from a host of puzzle games to figure out or even make a puzzle piece out of an image you have on your computer. The game is the perfect escape for those who love brain teasing games and have plenty of time on their hands. Moreover, the game is easy to use since controls are pretty basic. It also provides a very smooth gameplay