Home Design Story is a simulation game where you design, build and decorate your dream house. This iPhone/iPad game gives you a great deal of control over the design and construction of a house. The brightly colored graphics and smooth flow help make this gem from TeamLava very enjoyable, all while bringing out your creativity.

The key in these simulation games is the depth, and Home Design Story doesn’t disappoint. A wide array of styles is available ranging from modern to classic to deco. You can add furniture, wallpaper and flooring. You can also create beautiful gardens and patios.

Home Design Story is not limited to building homes though. You get to interact with friends and neighbors. If you build beautiful homes, you will become a famous designer. There is actually a pretty good story you can follow.

The bottom line is as you become well known you’ll be wealthy and have the money to build large mansions. There is a home value/level indicator. As your level goes up, you will be able to unlock other features and buy more expensive items.


The fun comes when you have to move items around to make room for new purchases. You also have to expand the house by adding new rooms or wings. This is where your creativity comes in. If you are into resource management, you won’t be disappointed. Aside from buying furnishings, you also have to keep an eye on the design market, delivery times, working jobs, gifts and more.

The amount of detail and management that’s in Home Design Story is impressive. It is like a Sim City game but you are dealing with a house and its building/social aspects. In other words, it will be very hard to put down.

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