Her Name Was French Cinema is a collection of 5 acoustic folk pop tracks from singer/songwriter Jordan O’Shea.

Recorded in his “shedquarters,” the album is enveloped with dreamy melodies and a beautiful haze of lazy afternoon lounging.

Despite being a home recording, the album exploits this to add a gorgeous, homey feel to each of the tracks. Coupled with great harmonies and simple instrument work; it’s easy to drift along with each single.

Jordan O’Shea is the kind of musician you need when you feel like retreating to your own solitary little nook to relax or simply slow down from your hectic pace.

Her Name Was French Cinema bears beautiful folk pop songs that are accompanied with soothing harmonies and a quiet atmosphere. Kickstarting the short compilation is Sleeping Birds. It opens with strumming acoustic guitars before being enveloped in resonating vocal harmony.

Somewhere.Nowhere is a repetitive two minute single that showcases the group’s signature melody and vocal mash-up. Despite being the shortest cut on the EP, it’s probably one of the most catchy. Meanwhile, The Coracle, dives first into a melancholic, electro-infused ambient atmosphere before turning about face into a slightly uptempo acoustic number.

If you like quaint acoustic folk pop, you’ll definitely enjoy this compilation from Jordan O’Shea. The songs are relaxing and serve as the perfect mood setter. Take a listen and see if this tickles your fancy.

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