If you ask us, we prefer to “stay south”, at least within the realms of Alice‘s world.

The pretty songstress chooses to remain unknown to the world except for her mononym (her real name is Alice Redfem), which is perfectly acceptable since we’d gladly accept that she use her talents to get famous, rather than, well, twirk.

On her EP, Staying South, she emulates the style that got Gabrielle Aplin her modest break in the UK: warm vocals, prolific songwriting, and charming melodies. It might be a trick to pick out the best from the lot, but you’ll have no qualms (guaranteed) popping her tunes.

The folk-tinged magic starts with “Seeing You Scared“, a cute composition (yes, ‘cute’ is all we have for now) that employs progressive guitar strums to the max; it’s pure perfection.

Staying South” trails in succession, still going with her delicate-sounding vocals. The same thing’s to be expected on the last two tracks, “Hide Your Heart” and “Emily“, with the latter being the rawest [demo-esque] of the bunch. She keeps the ‘newbie’ thing at a fresh level — a good indication that she’ll never fade quickly.

By now, you might have figured that she’s no Taylor Swift, and we intend for her to stay that way.

Track listing:
1. Seeing You Scared
2. Staying South
3. Hide Your Heart
4. Emily

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