JoSefina: Silhouettes

As if the world didn’t have enough sadcore acts, another one comes trailing. Bruna Cardoso, calling herself professionally as JoSefina, takes a stab at the industry with her debut EP, Silhouettes, which she releases independently at Bandcamp. Sure, the tracks as a raw as they can be, but the spirit and brevity is there, showing all of us that in due time, this girl’s going to have her place in the sun (or our iPods, in that matter).

Young Summer: Fever Dream

Get swept away with the progressive beats of an impending Young Summer. This is the name Bobbie Allen uses for her newest musical endeavor, which comes from a long, distinguished breed of female indie acts — bringing their impressive artistry along. Think Florence & The Machine, or even Norah Jones, and that’s what you’ll get, more or less.

Juleah: Entangled And Entwined

Ever heard of a record that’s gorgeously enchanting and calming? That’s how we feel about Juleah‘s third entry into the psychedelic rock canon: Entangled and Entwined. Compared by NME Radar to “the wavering vocals and instrumentation of Mazzy Star” and the “anthemic drive of Ride”, Austrian Julia Hummer successfully marries the much-hyped shoegaze genre and folk rock in dreamy ways we didn’t expect.

We Shot The Moon: Love On

When was the last time you listened to a simple pop-rock record? Amidst a musical landscape that has acts continuously trying to sound sophisticated, Jonathan Jones keeps things fairly basic and straightforward. He culls inspiration from the late 00′s big names (Coldplay, The Fray, and Jimmy Eat World) to create music that’s as radio-friendly as its easily likeable.

Plumb: Career Sampler

She’s a soundtrack staple, but there’s more to Plumb than simply upping the ante of some ordinary drama. Known as Tiffany Arbuckle Lee on her birth certificate, the pop-rock darling has produced some notable tunes — “Stranded”, “Boys Don’t Cry” — elevating her to star status within the adult contemporary music circuits.

Kevin Michael: LISA

Kevin Michael is at it again with another spunky mixtape. This time, we’re revisiting his 13-track collection, LISA, which stands for “love is so amazing”. The concept album, put together with the help of Michael’s longtime collaborator Brian Kidd, is a lite nostalgic affair that takes you back to the glory of the 2009-2010 musical period: pulsating beats, ‘swagger’, and ultra-smooth harmonies — elements that currently proliferates today’s top 40 picks.

Autographed Apologies: Change With The Seasons

This Valentine’s season, an acoustic record is somewhat of a required listening. We’re passing the baton to Autographed Apologies, a relatively new band of the alternative/punk rock breed. Taking cues from popular contemporaries such as All Time Low and Something Corporate, the boys are trying the gain renown through the “fan favorite route”.

Meager Fare: Meager Fare EP

‘Meager fare’ doesn’t necessarily always mean some form of scarcity. If we’ll allude things to the band’s name, Meager Band, then it must be said that they have refuted themselves, since from lacking — they composed music out of their songwriting trips to the NC mountains — came a bunch of music that are just as rich as any other glossy mainstream project out there.

Speaking Suns: Part One

There are times when we’re just craving for that dose of suburban indie. Actually, that time might be now. Speaking Suns, a relatively new independent band, is shooting for the sky (excuse the pun, guys) with their own breed of indie pop via their newest EP, Part One. As to why the collection is named as such, we don’t know, but something tells us that it might signify they’re messianic destiny