Get swept away with the progressive beats of an impending Young Summer.

This is the name Bobbie Allen uses for her newest musical endeavor, which comes from a long, distinguished breed of female indie acts — bringing their impressive artistry along. Think Florence & The Machine, or even Norah Jones, and that’s what you’ll get, more or less.

In her free EP, Fever Dream, she treats us to a 3-track showcase of morose tunes poised as daggers to aggressively probe your deepest emotions. The drums of “Fever Dream” enter, and the feeling of Allen’s sincere familiarity with every lyric she spills tells us that [painful?] experiences do bring out man’s most creative side.

Nashville songwriter Trent Dabbs joins her in an even more dramatic “Letter Never Sent,” and hearing the whole production seems like an eerie outtake by Sara Bareilles, who’s equally-talented as well. “Why Try” (our favorite) voids this out, whipping out the likely instrument that matches her nuanced delivery: the guitar.

Can’t wait to head for this kind of summer.

Track listing:
1. Fever Dream
2. Letter Never Sent (featuring Trent Dabbs)
3. Why Try

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