Amy Winehouse


Mastering the art of engaging entertainment, DRMS self-titled album is another powerful entry to the growing indie landscape. Hailing from San Francisco Bay Area, DRMS is an independent band of Rob Shelton , Emily Ritz, Andrew Maguire, Mark Clifford, Geneva Harrison, Jesse Cafiero, and Jake Nochimow. Released last July 28, their second album features ten tracks that explores the boarders of experimental, rock, and afropop music.

Monarchs: ft. Celeste – a Monarchs Mixtape

Monarchs is a surprising band that people who enjoy hip hop, alternative and soul should take note of. The group is led by the sultry and sexy Southern belle, Celeste Griffin. Currently based in Austin, Texas; the singer has several backing musicians that help complete her crew. Together, they combine to create a powerful and soulful sound complete with catchy beats and samples. Ft. Celeste is their latest record. They've released previous ones too, particularly The Rise and Fall; Those Words, Those Frames and The Oak EP. All of which are up for purchase over at BandCamp.

Dominique: The First

If you need some relaxing music for one of those lazy days, you'll enjoy having Dominique in your player. This mini-EP might be a bit short but it showcases enough to show you the artists' jazzy style and gorgeous talent. Despite being fairly new and young, Dominique has managed to release several singles and compilations in this year alone. On her BandCamp page, she's released two EPs and one single. She has The First and Stay Informed as well as the single, The Shadows.