Keep Safe Free

The most irritating part of owning a smartphone is the numerous prying eyes that just want to breakthrough your videos and pictures. So after alot of hunting through the Android Market, Keep Safe emerged as one of the best solutions to the plight of a thousand Android users. The app is very sturdy with simple interface and great functinality integrated within the system. Created by Keep Safe, the developers have done a great job and have churned out an apt application for security purposes. The strongest point for this app would be it being free, while the features it offers are great.

Wolf Toss

Another fun and epic rip-off? Yes, you guessed it right, Angry Birds. Developers seem to have gone bonkers with the entire concept created by Rovio and some have manged to offer something at par with Angry Birds. Wolf Toss is just one of the examples. Created by Zipline Games, the developer has just made a foray in the Android scene with Wolf Toss and they have done quite an impressive job with their first offering. The game mashes up the gameplay of Angry Birds and the storyline of "The Three Little Pigs".

Color Touch Effects

Always envied the photo effects of the big-wig fashion magazines? Loved the way the beauty of the landscape was shown through your eyes? Well, no more do you require a photo-suit costing a bomb as Color Touch for Android works like a charm. Created by Swiss Codemonkeys, this developer is an experienced player in the Android Market scene. Casual and fun apps might be their forte but on a serious note, they really do not disappoint with Color Touch a bit.


There are several other apps available on the market that allow users for a free SMS and MMS messaging; and as any good competition goes there are some that are better than others. Hence, here is another feather in the hat with Handcent. The Handcent app gives a very interesting twist to the whole User-Interface of the device without any hiccups. Developed by Handcent themselves, the app is ultra-responsive and lag-free with no glitches (at least nothing I have ever noticed). Yes, it is safe to say, this truly is one-of-the-best apps on the Android Market.

Blood & Glory

Always envied iOS users for their ability to play Infinity Blade? Well Android users the plight has ended and the time for slash and hack has come in full 'Glory'. Blood & Glory brings the Infinity Blade feel to all Android users. Developed by Glu Mobile, a very popular game developer on the Android Market, this is another masterpiece offering from their stable.

iPhone Style Folder

Tired of the folder icons on your Android? Would you rather prefer to see some of that friendly and visually appealing folders from your iOS devices? Well, your plight has an answer in the form of iPhoneStyle Folder for Android. This app exactly replicates the iOS folder look without any fuss. Developed by a Korean team named zzugliRyu, the iPhone Style Folder will bring some lost smiles back to life.


Love staying connected with friends and family members around the world, but international calling costs are affecting you adversely. Well, ooVoo is the solution to your misery. This app is the first major cross-platform IM client that works not only on different platforms, but also on PC and Mac. Developed by Oovoo itself, this app really takes the crown from its other competitors as accessibility is the name of the game here. So now, users are not locked to only Android or iOS, but can enjoy being in touch with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Simplicity at its best.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is for everyone who relies heavily on various Wi-Fi networks at home, home-office, airport, coffee-shops and other shared places. The Internet is a truly amazing invention which forever changed they way work and stay productive; and sometimes staying productive means working at a slightly higher speeds. Developed by Farproc, the app is providing users with a lot more than just connecting to a wireless network. And after researching numerous options available on the market I can easily say that Wi-Fi Analyzer is the finest among the offerings.

World War

It is that time of the year again to load the guns, buckle up the shoes and head for war. Yes, all Android users report to base-camp in the game World War and fight for survival. The game is the usual war game with the sole objective of having the strongest camp, ammunition, machinery and the perfect ingredient to shove dust in your opponents face. Developed by Storm8, these developers are heavily into the whole RPG scene. They have multiple RPG titles under-their-belt and all have received favorable responses from the audience. World War raises the bar altogether.