Usually network providers promise high-data downlink and uplink speed on 3G/4G networks at premium price plans, but rarely are those speeds witnessed. Well, the perfect solution for testing the actual upload and download speed is This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive network speed tester available. Made by Ookla, the developers are big-players in the broadband world and lead in web-based network diagnostic applications. The accuracy with which the service throws results, on smartphone as well as web, is really app-laudable to a great extent.


Here we have something special for all fantasy gaming fans on Android. Defender is a game which comes closest to the Final Fantasy franchisee and it does a very good job while at it. As expected, players will need to fight hoards and hoards of enemies to keep the castle safe and protected. Defender was developed by DroidHen, who already have quite a few cute offerings under-their-belt for the Android platform and the kids will surely love their approach towards the development of the game.

Android Assistant

Android is largely an open ecosystem and sometimes it seems like too many things are happening there at the same time. The most effective way to know what is going on behind-the-screen is having an Assistant. Yes, we are talking about the Android Assistant with over 17 new features! Developed by Aaron Smith, this app really packs-in a punch with all the bells and whistles. Android smartphones are packed to the gill in terms of memory, RAM, processors, so an app acting as an assistant is a big boon for advanced as well as causal users.

3G Watchdog

It must be nothing new for smartphone users to happily surf the web, upload pictures on Facebook, Tweet, download apps, stream video on Youtube and the like. What really comes as a shocker is the data bill charged to your account by the service provider after all that friendly fun. Well, your solution lies here in the form of Watchdog 3G. This is probably the most comprehensive data plan manager till date. Developed by Richard Gruet, the developer has done a commendable job with this app and has really helped heavy data users to keep a check on their data traffic. I for myself am a heavy user of this app on my Android.


You play with the radio frequency in your car and suddenly hear a song that makes you go "Oo La la", but have just no clue about the song. Well, here comes Shazam to the rescue. This piece of software helps in identifying a song by just listening to a part of it. Shazam is one of the most ideal music identifying apps over multiple platforms. Developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd., the quality is assured and so are the future updates to the app. Music buffs who just love hearing the songs on the radio and need to download in an easy way, should have Shazam installed on their devices.

MyCar Locator Free

How many times have you parked your swanky new car in an unknown crowded area, walked away and after an hour it just hits you, "Dude, where is my car?". Happens quite often with many. Well, this problem has been solved and the misery of an owner ended with the MyCar Locator Free app. Developed by Nomadrobot, this company has really tapped the potential of this app not only with class features, but by offering it for free. The app really makes a "drifting" mark on Android.


Love the Skype experience, but something still feels amiss? Well, the only possible solution for Android and iPhone users out there is Viber. This particular app allows all Viber users to make free calls and texts without any incurring charges. Wow, this is greatness in times of recession. Developed by Viber Media Inc., the developers had first launched the app for the iPhone and have recently rolled it out for Android. So now free calls are not only limited to just iPhone users, but the magic has become cross-platform and a pure treat.


VEVO is a premium music service with over 7500 artists and a large library of videos, exclusive clips, top charts, top playlists and the work. There is also an original music programming feature within the app. VEVO is a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media, while record label EMI licenses its content to VEVO without charging any ownership royalty fees. The videos of VEVO are channeled through the internet and the total advertising revenue is shared between Google and VEVO.