Nightlife: Nightlife EP

Darin Rajabian and Caroline Myrick return to the FrostClick scene with their self-titled debut album released last January 2011. Nightlife-EP boasts six infectious tracks that are strictly more disco-sounding than their second album Radio which was also featured here. There is a distinct brand in Nightlifes music that you wouldnt hear in any other band. The musical fusion of Darins euro-disco tunes and Carolines soft vocals make a solid foundation to the collection.

Various Artists: These Shaky Isles

Theres both a sense of well-known comfort and exploring foreign territories in These Shakey Isles, a mixtape by various artists released by Lil Chief Records. Lil Chief Records is a New Zealand independent record label that aims to achieve a specific aesthetic to pop music. Since their first release in 2002 (Hold Hands Feeding Ducks by The Brunettes), the records dream of a pop collective has already taken shape with numerous releases from their growing numbers of artists, and a two-page article on the Londons Sunday Times.

Brit Laurn: Autoportraits II

Equally eclectic and catchy, Brit Laurns new album Autportraits II is a flavourful gem with some salt and pepper on the side. Hailing from Los Angeles, Brit Laurn is a vocalist, performing artist, and actor rolled into one. Released last October 11, 2011, Autoportraits II offers six tracks of undeniably good pop and r&b. Autoportraits II opens the album with a sneak peak of the artists musical brand. It also serves as an intro for the whole album.

Mike Roy: Mike & Eileen Chapter One

After years in the music scene, Mike Roy has finished his best work yet and it's ready to burn and wake-up the senses. Hailing from Raleigh, NC, this Lewisdale, Maryland-raised artist started his music by forming a band called The Whistlestop. After making a record and playing numerous shows, He went back on working solo in 2009 producing a home-recorded album entitled ShotFriction. Spanning a hefty 13-track collection, Mike & Eileen Chapter One is Roy's latest musical effort. It's a folk pop album fuelled by undeniable passion and musical talent.

Seann Scene: One on One

Theres a new kid on the hip hop block and it looks like hes ready to fly high. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Sean Lovins a.k.a Seann Scene is not your ordinary boy next door musician. He began rapping at the age of thirteen with different styles ranging from underground, east coast, and pop rap. After his three and a half years in the army, he returns to Florida to follow his dreams in the hip hop world. His latest album, One on One, is a collection of seven tracks that will shift your mind in fifth gear.

The Suits: The Suits EP

Dont you just love feel-good music? The Suits self-entitled EP offers superb pieces that are ripe for your distinct musical palette. Formed in 2011 at Fordham University, The Suits is a New York based band composed of Mike Sanz (producer/drum machine), Ian Grotto (bass/instrumentalist), Eric Grossman (lead guitar/instrumentalist), and Eddie Gore (lead singer/keyboardist). Their music can be described as a fusion of indie, rock, alternative, jazz, and hip hop compositions. Released last April 22, 2012, their new EP serves seven tasteful tracks that are fresh from the oven.

Chromatic Flights: Sunset Bell

Kyle Wyss' musical treat Chromatic Flights proves that it has a lot to offer. This solo project's 2009 release entitled Sunset Bell crafts six tasteful tracks that's too tempting to resist. The album opens up with two gems: Passagrille (an interplay of keys and grand harmonies) and Sunset Bell (an electronically-heavy track with an amazing texture). There's no denying in Wyss musical talent. He perfectly blended complex instrumentations, molding them into a unison of pure musical bliss.

Jeff Carl: EP

In Jeff Carls latest EP, the NY based singer/songwriter is in his honest, fun, live-in-the-moment attitude. Released last August 16, 2011 under Q Productions , this latest musical effort features five acoustic pop songs that are ready to hit the radio waves. Intro track Ill Be Gone Tomorrrow is packed with just the right dose of sunshine to lift the gloomy days ahead. Jeffs radio-polished vocals is a treat to the ears.

Chris Koza: The Dark, Delirious Morning

Chris Kozas The Dark, Delirious Morning should be what the sea is to summer, or flowers are to spring: a landmark release. Based in Minneapolis, Chris Koza is an enviable singer/songwriter with three albums that never turned mediocre. Either a solo artist, a duo with longtime guitar player Peter Sieve, or with his band Rogue Valley (which had its own special appearance on FrostClick), Koza steps into the spotlight fully-loaded with precise craftsmanship and talent.