Equally eclectic and catchy, Brit Laurén’s new album Autportraits II is a flavourful gem with some salt and pepper on the side.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Brit Laurén is a vocalist, performing artist, and actor rolled into one. Released last October 11, 2011, the album offers six tracks of undeniably good pop and r&b.

Autoportraits II opens the album with a sneak peak of the artist’s musical brand. It also serves as an intro for the whole album.

Following with sunny pop beats and jazzy tunes is A Tragic Disappearance. Laurén surprises us with her eccentric and soulful voice. It’s both hypnotizing and soothing to the ears.

You Got Me is an edgy club track that will give you a healthy dose of party high. Unlike the previous track’s upbeat vibe, Must Be Nice tones down the mood with saccharine melodies paired up with a soothing delivery.

A personal favorite, Goodbye Gideon is a sexy musical piece boasting a jungle of instrumentation from percussion, strings, to brass.

Closing up the album is Wax On (feat. I the Eye) that takes on an upbeat aesthetic. Press play and revive your weary heart with this energy-filled song.

As a whole, Autoportraits II is a tasteful collection that’s not afraid to explore outside the box. The instrumentation and arrangement in this album is something to look forward to as it is well-thought of and flawlessly-played. Through this collection, Brit Laurén has proved that she is something to watch out for.

The album is produced by Mister Curry while the artwork is done by Janelle Carbajal. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in bandcamp.

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