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Chopper Pro

Blackberry is an out-an-out business device and although its high on security, productivity and connectivity, sometimes there is just not enough of the entertainment factor thrown in. These troubles, however, could just be forgotten with Chopper Pro, by far the best and most addictive game on Blackberry. Chopper Pro was created by, a developer that has quite a repute on Blackberry App World with a high inclination towards utility apps, but don't worry as this little gem will definitely not disappoint.

Finger Trap

There are times when Blackberry users complain on being the most ignored platform, as far as games and fun apps go. Well, it is quite true that the Blackberry OS stands nowhere in competition with iOS and Android in terms of games. So, here we have an exclusive Blackberry offering, called Finger Trap. Developed by Tafasa, who already have quite a few casual games under-their-belt, Finger Trap should certainly please all of the Blackberry boys looking for some casual gaming fun.

Mole from Hole

The Blackberry platform is pure-work and very little fun. So here is a sweet little arcade offering, Mole from Hole that will surely bright up your day. The game is not graphically intense and might still be in the shadows of those for iOS and Android, but it will certainly become a great casual game for all the spare time. Developed by TechSoft Venture, these developers have quite a good experience with games for Blackberry users.