Boys Like Girls

Chasing Eidolon: Chasing Eidolon

Chasing Eidolon is a bunch of lads from Canada trying their hand on alternative pop rock. Although they sound like a more power pop (boy) band, they do incorporate alternative rock elements to their music. Initially formed in 2008, this is the group's first album. It's a combination of sweet, slightly emo vocals, beautiful melodies and a hint of rockish rude.

Trick Seventeen: Spot On

Spot on punk pop rock sound from four German boys. It seems that Trick Seventeen were "spot on" in delivering their power pop/punk rock filled album. Spot On is the band's first album and from the looks of things, they are ready to release more. The release comes with 7 upbeat tracks that embody typical punk pop rock with a very slight tinge of emo somewhere in there. I guess, you can say they are a good cross between their favorite bands Blink 182 and Boys Like Girls.