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The Shark Bubbles: Necktie Troublespot

Call it noise rock, psychedelic electronic dance pop or indie spacerock, whatever it is, Necktie Troublespot by The Shark Bubbles is, well, something else. This German band's music has been likened to those of great rockers The Velvet Underground, and it's not just the Nico-esque female vocals we're talking about. Necktie Troublespot is an eclectic album filled with uncharacteristic song arrangements, diverse instrument work and music that appeals to your senses.

Frau: Starlit Carousel

To say that this girl blows my mind is a complete understatement. The first time I came across this artist was from an Aaahh Records blog. The voice behind this record is actually an Indonesian singer. Ironically, she has named herself after the German word for woman, Frau. Starlit Carousel is her first album and is a beautiful compilation that features English as well as Indonesian tracks. If you love broadway musicals and can sincerely appreciate gorgeous vocal work; then you should listen to this album. Even if you don't understand the Indonesian songs, you'll definitely appreciate it still. It's hard not to rave about this album because every single piece of pop, jazz, theater/broadway inspired track is simply lovely. Plus, the voice is stunning. Besides, who can resist that cool album cover anyway? Check it out for yourself.

Moon & Sun: The Wild Things

Moon & Sun is actually Swede songwriter and artist, Monica Tormell. Extending her artistic capabilities well into music; she manages to create a dreamy and relaxing folk pop album. The Wild Things is a short record that captures a feel good ambiance and folk pop sound. The artist sought to capture moody and lonesome atmospheres in every single place where she recorded the album. The result is a compilation that hops from one dreamworld to another. Filled with soothing and sometimes, haunting vocals; it creates a mild nostalgia that reminds listeners of full moon nights in the woods or by the seashore. Perfect background album if you feel like jumping from one dreamland to another at the comfort of your home.

Exceptional Edward: Lost at Sea

It's not Ben Gibbard! Exceptional Edward's vocalist does sound a lot like him though. And even though their first debut album, Lost at Sea, may not be released under Deathcab's name, it certainly sounds promising. Lost at Sea from Exceptional Edward was released some time in 2008. Serving as their full length debut, after releasing, The Exceptional EP. The album is filled with swelling acoustic rhythms infused with poppy, sweet vocals.

No Guns for Jews

Although No Guns for Jews might seem like an Anti-Semitic, anti-gun control rights for Jews, it's actually quite the opposite. This 40 minute documentary tackles the importance and provides simple, but valid arguments for having a pro-gun Jewish society. The film was produced by JPFO and features pretty stark and controversial arguments on why gun disarmament among Jews can only lead to more chaos and death.

Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club: An Introduction To

Quirky songwriter and musician, Logan Whitehurst, has been known to many people as the dude that sings about robot cats and how it never rains on a guy named Alex. He's performed in several bands including being a founding member of indie rock band, The Velvet Teen. Although Whitehurst's career was cut short because of his illness, he released some catchy yet quirky tracks in his solo project; dubbing himself as Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club.

Ralph Buckley: Morning Star

Drunk, quirky and full of good old freak folk, indie, pop rock music. Morning Star by Ralph Buckley is one album you'll want to brace yourselves for. If you think that the cover art is a bit odd, it's actually quite fitting. The record is filled with weird and unexpected lyrics coupled with acoustic guitars and enchanting atmospheres. Just one, out of several albums released for free under creative commons; this is truly one compilation worth checking out.

Kyle Cox: To All My Old Friends

To All My Old Friends from Kyle Cox is a compilation of songs that center on emotions or events that often trip us in life. The album compiles six folk pop tracks that showcase a raw honesty both lyrically and melodically; letting you enjoy tracks that are not only comforting but also very expressive. Simple, melancholic yet lyrically and melodically rich, this is what you can expect from the entire album.

The Black Sunn: GodSound

East Baltimore emcee, The Black Sunn, vividly illustrate life's good and bad points. GodSound is the latest offering from this talented emcee. Unlike most hip hop albums, this one resonates with positivity, but it doesn't ignore the reality of life as well. This is the second full length record from the rapper. With its poetic lyrics, dope beats and honest look at life; it's definitely an album worth checking out.