Drunk, quirky and full of good old freak folk, indie, pop rock music. Morning Star by Ralph Buckley is one album you’ll want to brace yourselves for. If you think that the cover art is a bit odd, it’s actually quite fitting. The record is filled with weird and unexpected lyrics coupled with acoustic guitars and enchanting atmospheres.

Just one, out of several albums released for free under creative commons; this is truly one compilation worth checking out.

Not really sure where this guy is from and who he is. Despite tons of info about his music on his site, there’s hardly a shred of information about the singer himself. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that this album is a great piece of work.

Morning Star opens with the title track;  an acoustic, catchy folk pop track with lyrical sarcasm everywhere. It’s filled with lines like “You were made to please me” or “You were genetically altered to be my slave.” It’s followed by perhaps one of the best tracks for me in this album, My Merkaba. This cut showcases Buckley’s grungy throaty vocals and a cool melody that’s easy to like. Push is essentially a druggie song while The Rising Sun is a bit more upbeat. Meanwhile, Asteroids is another quiet number that sees the singer in a reflective mood.

Overall, if you love acoustic folk pop that sounds like it was sung by a dude that’s seemingly high with something all the time, then this one is for you. It is an album filled with beautiful melodies and fun lyrics. Definitely one worth having on your download list.

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