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Joey Kneiser: All Night Bedroom Revival

Alternative southern rock singer takes a stab at creating solo music. Joey Kneiser is best known as the frontman for Murfreesboro, TN rockers, Glossary. The band is still pretty much intact, in fact they released their latest album, Feral Fire just last February). All Night Bedroom Revival is the first solo album for Kneiser and from the looks of things, fans are hoping it won't be the last. The album is filled with beautiful acoustic and melodic tracks with heartwarming lyrics. It's a must listen and one of the best quality free albums you'll get anywhere.

whynotme: The Rise of the Big Fat Bastard

Formed back in 2005, Whynotme is a five man band from Nordic country, Norway. The Rise of the Big Fat Bastard is the band's first full length album. It's a collection of 10 fast paced, stylish and very punk rock tracks that breathes a lot of energy. Although the band claims that it was recorded in "poor condition," it's actually not bad. Better yet, its filled with fun and catchy tracks that's hard to let go.

CC Publisher

If you are a bedroom musician, indie film maker, game developer or a graphics artist, you might want to add a creative commons license to your work to help protect against copyright infringement. Cc Publisher is a great little software developed by creative commons to help make licensing your work so much easier. The program is easy to use and runs on a variety of systems including Linux, Mac and of course, Windows.

The Adventures of Fatman – 2D adventure comedy game

Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now experience gaming at its best, with great game engines that render realistic looking characters and scenes. However, occasionally, we like to relax and simply enjoy watching a fat, jobless guy in a Batman suit, fight crime. Such is the premise for The Adventures of Fatman. The game was created back in May 2003 by Michael Doak. It's a point and click 2D adventure game that follows the exploits of hero Fatman as he tries to protect Shadowlawn from evildoers.

et_ presents The Agency of Missing Hearts

Electronic trip-hop and down tempo instrumental tracks that make you wish your break was longer than just 15 minutes. Et_ creates rockish, instrumental electronic music that resonates with maturity and great sense of balance. As long as you get over the fact that the title sounds like an up and coming emo band, you'll realize that et_ is really worth listening to. He incorporates fat sounding beats, tucks in a bit of acoustic on the side and some rock stuff to show you what he's capable of when it comes to software and guitars. Not bad for someone who got started in music playing a "half-broken guitar down from the attic."