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The Black Atlantic: Darkling, I Listen

The Black Atlantic is no stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, their previous record, Reverence for Fallen Trees, was featured here before. Despite their rather melodic folk sound, they list metal bands like Slayer and Metallica as among their influences on their Facebook page. Whether it's a tongue-in-cheek name drop or not, if you listened to Darkling, I Listen; it's hard to find these influences. They don't seem to need it though since the group is fully capable of mesmerizing their audience with their subdued indie folk ensembles.

Cloudkicker: Beacons

Okay, Cloudkicker officially has my vote for being one of the sickest metal bands offering music for free online. Even more impressive perhaps is the fact that there's only one guy manning all the luscious mayhem you hear when you hit the play button. Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker, has been winning praises and reviews from artists and enthusiasts everywhere thanks to his consistent, enjoyable and innovative sound. Beacons is his second album and was released a couple of years ago in 2010. Featuring 10 loud instrumental progressive rock tracks, you'll find the record as a good distraction you'll want to entertain for a long time.

H.W. – Wall Papered Exit Wounds

Despite being new to the scene, young rapper, Hazardous Wastes or H.W. is already getting praises for his sound. It's not just the catchy music he creates but the fact that he's got compelling and interesting lyrics to match. Self described as "the Ben Folds of this rap shit," this Boston-based emcee offers 8 tracks from his latest compilation, Wall Papered Exit Wounds. The introspective rapper shares his insights about recovering from heartbreak as well as discussing general questions about how things turned out the way they did.

Hudson: Eastward

Eastward by Hudson is just the right music you need after going through a barrage of parties & other fast paced craziness thanks to the Holidays. Contained within the compilation is some of the finest and most melodic pieces you'll hear. The band is made up of duo, John Boswell and Will Crowle. With a sound that resembles a sweet and comforting pat on the back, the songs on the record tell the story of a man who goes on a journey to rescue his brother from captivity.

Mouth’s Cradle: Clark Kent

As if prophesying their own big break, The Next Big Thing became an instant hit for cheeky electro/hip hop and pop duo, Mouth's Cradle. (The boys have easily hit the 100k mark at the Frostclick blog alone. ) They're now back with a brand new record, bringing in tow their brand of lighthearted, sonically arresting and vocally invigorating sound. Composed of Syracuse grads, Kevin "Mouf" Moufadus and Brandon "Master Rogers" Linn; Mouth's Cradle carefully weaves the threads of art and pop as well as hip hop and dance.

Brixton Robbers: Rocks & Cranes

The Brixton Robbers are an energetic punk ska band from Quebec,Canada. Adding a whole lot of rock attitude to their resident sound, the group comes in loud and proud; churning in one energetic performance after another. Rocks & Crane is the band's first full album. It's a bit late as it was released back in 2009 and four years after the band initially got together. They weren't sitting idle in those four years though. The band in fact played more than 200 songs in between, apart from creating/recording tracks to be used in the record.

Felipe Sarro: Bach

If classical is more your thing, you might want to grab this little gem from Felipe Sarro. The Brazilian pianist takes on the music of one of the most influential and well-known classical composers ever, Johann Sebastian Bach. He plays several of Bach's original works as well as several transcriptions of Bach's music done byRussian composer Alexander Ilyich Siloti. Every single piece was recorded and played by Sarro on piano; recreating, reliving and celebrating the sound of the revered German composer.

Kimiko Ishizaka: The Open Goldberg Variations

Occasionally, it's good to get away from all the trappings of pop and modern music to indulge yourself in some good old classical tunes. Luckily, there's not a shortage of talented musicians and instrumentalist willing to take on the work of the masters. Kimiko Ishizaka is breathing a new life to some of Bach's greatest work in this great instrumental compilation. The Goldberg Variations is a Kickstarter funded work, which aims to record and recapture the Bach's famous 1741 composition. The album is produced by Anne-Marie Sylvestre and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Dr. Frankenstein: The Cursed Tapes

If you've ever wondered what rockabilly music was like from a country like Portugal, then Dr. Frankenstein can give you a pretty good idea. The Cursed Tapes is a collection of tracks inspired by the sun and sand. Of course, coming from someone who calls themselves Dr. Frankenstein, you can expect a hint of darkness enveloping the tracks as well. The album itself is about two years old and was first released under netlabel, You Are Not Stealing Records back in 2010.