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Syberia: Drawing a Future

Post-rock enthusiasts just might find a favorite in Spanish band, Syberia. Made up of Xavi Forne, Oscar Linares, Kandro Dillinger, Carlos Alonso and Oscar Caselles, these guys create a thick wall of instrumental rock that will keep you warm in the dead of winter. Gathering influences from bands like Isis, Tool, Mogwai, Mastodon and Caspian, they create a hypnotic layer of sound in each cut. Drawing a Future is the band’s debut compilation and was released last September 2012 at a name-your-price download at BandCamp.

High Pop: Hip Hip Hooray

If your'e in the mood for some hazy, garage rock and saccharine pop, then High Pop is the band you should be listening to. After a successful run with their previous record, Hip Hip Hooray delivers the same sweet and intoxicating punk fuzz pop they've come to master. Treading this route the second time around has its benefits though, the band sounds more polished than ever and seem more comfortable with their chosen genre. Be prepared for track after track of energy filled, freaky indie rock mixed with a whole lot of sugary pop when you listen to this record.

Broke For Free: Broken Remixes Vol1

Thereís nothing broken about this set of releases at all. Broken Remixes Vol. 1 by Broke For Free is a cool, acoustic style remixed set that features the musicianís favorite tracks. It is redone according to the artistsí style and serves as a tribute to the original musicians.

Tara Leia Prescott: Young and Free EP

Armed with an acoustic guitar and captivating vocals, Tara Leia Prescott makes her second appearance here on the blog. Her EP, The Micah Project, was reviewed here some time ago. Young and Free EP contains another set of tracks recorded by the singer/songwriter during 2011. It was released just a couple of months earlier than the Micah Project and bears the same charming acoustic pop cuts that the singer expertly does. With breezy guitar and sometimes piano accompanied cuts, the compilation bears the same carefree and contagious melodies the singer specializes in.

50 Foot Wave: With Love From the Men’s Room

When it comes to free music, it's hard to say no, especially if you find out that the band sounds great. 50 Foot Wave is one band you might have trouble saying no to. Fronted by raspy-voiced singer, Kristin Hersh; the group specializes in grungy alternative pop. Formerly of Throwing Muses, Hersh retains the volume they had and incorporates it in her new band. She's joined by former Muses bassist,Bernard Georges as well as former Chalk FarM drummer Rob Ahlers. Their sound doesn't just echo alternative post punk alternative but also borderlines on progressive rock.

Wood Spider: In The Thick of It

After making an appearance on the Frostclick blog for their 2011 release, Tending Fires; the raucous lo-fi indie band, Wood Spider is back with In The Thick of It. The 6-track compilation reeks of diy folk punk aesthetics with a touch of the gypsy sound that has characterized much of the bandís sound. Itís this utter weirdness that makes this compilation a great one to check out. Filled with odd singing/rambling, acoustic guitars and various bits and bobs, the record is for those who can appreciate the unusual or maybe those who have a penchant for dancing around a bonfire during camping nights.

CrayonBeats Presents Vol 4 : Girls Named Tiffany

What started out as a personal space evolved into a haven for music, fashion and the arts. CrayonBeats is an online site that compiles and promotes musicians from across the globe. Spearheaded by two girls named Tiffany, the site was set up in 2006 and has evolved throughout the years. CrayonBeats Presents Vol 4 is the siteís latest compilation album. It includes some of the best musicians with Tiffany in their names and features 10-tracks that range from acoustic pop to hip hop. The album is also offered absolutely free and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Makkadessia: Moonou

Progressive techno and dance don't get enough lovin' in the mainstream market but it doesn't mean it's not worth taking a listen to. Makkadessia is a duo made up of Yauhen Bardouski and Maxim Kuharenko; two young producers from Belarus. Moonou is the duo's latest release and hauls in a flurry of the house, techno, progressive and dub sounds with them. Released under, the label specializes in offering electronic music that are licensed and shared for free under a Creative Commons License.