White Owl is a Russian folk core group that creates some funky folk rock music. Equipped with different tastes in music, ranging from alternative, indie, hardcore, disco and folk, the band’s music is a result of this diverse musical fusion.

Pepper was released a couple of years back and comes with quirky, upbeat and fun tracks that’s sure to get you moving. Currently, the group is recording their new album.

The band’s new compilation features a mix of Finnish, Scottish and Irish music. Each track is lively and features a lot of spunk and interest. For instance, tracks like “Fifteen Man on a Dead Man’s Chest” is a modern day pirate song that’s reworked into something more up-to-date. La Rotta is a great instrumental that features a beautiful Celtic sound.  Lord of the Dance, on the other hand, is a fun and very upbeat, Irish tune that is filled with jolly violin work and very interesting, Gogol Bordello-esque vocal work.

The diversity in instrument work provides an interesting take on the album allowing no boring moments in between. Each layer of the compilation seems to be decked with interesting bits and pieces that contribute to its overall beauty.

This quirky concept group is made up of Hagnir on vocal duties, Natalya on drums, Artem on bass, Anatoly on the fiddle and Vladimir on electric guitars.

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