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Charts and Maps – Enemies of C. Frias

Indie jazz rock band conquers music lovers with a solid indie math rock offering. Charts and Maps offers one of a kind instrumental music that takes you back to the 60s, as it reverberates with beautiful guitar work and a jazzy rock feel. Enemies of C. Frias is the bands 4 song EP and from the sound of it, it seems to be a very promising take on what they have to offer. Enemies of C. Frias was mixed and recorded with the help of Chris Schlarb, member of jazz rock duo I Heart Lung; this demo is a mix of math rock and indie jazz but for those who hate labels, it's otherwise called great music. Take a listen.

K. Sparks – The Trilogy Chapter 1: The Collabs

K. Sparks has made quite a positive reputation among the hip-hop enthusiasts in the FrostClick community. Early last year, his previous work “Definition” received such a warm response that translated to 25,000 downloads within days from the launching date. Needless to say that his supporters have been waiting for his latest work, THE TRILOGY CHAPTER 1: THE COLLABS. K. Sparks has teamed up with DJ and Mixtape Assassin for this brilliant work.

The Dada Weatherman – Mind Of Blue

Acoustic rock and folk blues that brings you the flavor of the South. The Dada Weatherman is a blues inspired acoustic folk rock music outfit headed by Jonathan "Zedadawaizeurman" (according to their Facebook account.) With a knack for catchy, blues inspired beats along with simple and poetic lyrics, The Dada Weatherman are simply fun to listen to. If you are looking for an eclectic mix of tracks done in great taste, then you might find it here. Mind of Blue is the band's latest album. Their previous releases includes the simple yet enthralling The Green Waltz and heavily acoustic and piano filled Earthquakes and Failed Mutations.

Mandate of Heaven – The Next Valley Over

Folk indie psychedelic act that mandates YOU listen. Central New York has certainly contributed their fair share of impressive musicians; yet, another band to add to this already long list is Mandate of Heaven. Essentially, the band was founded by Greg Pier, of which, he also serves as lead songwriter and singer. Pier is a multi-instrumentalist that plays almost all instruments in the group's recordings. Their music is a mix of indie folk pop with a touch of psychedelia. The Next Valley Over lumps together 11 acoustic driven melancholic sounds along with Pier's soft gruff vocals.

Karbidangeln Mit Aurica – Glacial Series

Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica is a combination of creatively powerful beats and soothing vocals. All of the tracks in Glacial Series were written and produced by Berlin-based Aurica Kurtuschin, who also lent her beautiful voice to complete this collection. Aurica’s netlabel Electrolyt describes the album tracks as, “the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental.”

Talley Lambert – The Red Line of Hydrogen

Folk rock musician armed with skillful guitar work and emotional vocals. After spending time online looking for info on Lambert, I came up with a page on Jamendo and Last FM, nothing else. It's either this guy appreciates his privacy (frustrating for fans) or he simply dropped off the music scene altogether. If its the latter, then too bad because Talley Lambert can certainly evoke great emotion with his music. The Red Line of Hydrogen is the artists' first album and was recorded back in 1999, supposedly at the age of 17. Lambert is capable of creating modern folk rock music that definitely hits you right on the sweet spot. The Red Line of Hydrogen compiles 10 acoustic and very personal songs by Talley Lambert. Each track is guitar driven and recorded with passionate vocals that seems to resonate with heartbreak, loss or generally a sad reverie. The singer cites Jeff Buckley, Mark Knopfler, The Grateful Dead and Ani Difranco as among his favorites. The Red Line of Hydrogen is the artists' first album and was recorded back in 1999, supposedly at the age of 17. Lambert is capable of creating modern folk rock music that definitely hits you right on the sweet spot.

The Big Bong Fiasco by Gidgets Ga Ga – power pop with an alternative flair

Power pop that mixes alt rock and a touch of British sound. Gidgets Ga Ga is a Chicago based band that belts out catchy power pop, alternative and rock tracks that are consistent and will keep you head bobbing for some time. The Big Bong Fiasco is filled with 18 massive punk pop songs that consists of great beats, catchy melodies and enjoyable vocals. The band is made up of vocalist/lead guitarist Mickey Flores alongside bassist Zac Zildron as well as drummer Larry Beers.

Discount Store by Dan Bryk – quirky and fun pop tracks to enjoy

Fun and quirky tracks that makes you reflect about hitting the discount store. Canadian songwriter and singer, Dan Bryk, creates fun and catchy pop songs that are easy to listen to and hits you in all the right places. Currently, this Toronto native has relocated to his new home in New York City. Discount Store is his latest offering. In spite of his indie status, Bryk has a heavy following in Japan and has garnered critical media acclaim for his songwriting. Discount Store is packed with songs that tackle funny, confessional and often blunt heartbreaking lyrics wrapped in some of the catchiest pop melodies out there.

Post Human Era’s To Build A Fire – lazy electronic pop at its finest

Two brothers channeling Deathcab for Cutie along with Radiohead. Perhaps one of the biggest pull that Post Human Era has on its listeners is the fact that they incorporate plenty of elements into their tracks. There are tracks showing hints of Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk and even the Postal Service. Underneath all this layering and synth work, there are nice vocals and sweet melodies that remind you of Ben Gibbard at his best. Daniel Finfer usually does the job himself inside the studio, but on the road, he jams along with brother, Michael, on samples, Steve Kurschner on drums as well as Josh Stark on guitars.