Facebook Messenger

Want to do more than just chatting with your Fb friends? Then Facebook might have just heard your plea with the introduction of Facebook Messenger. Now, not only you have the option to chat with your Fb friends, but also share your world with them in a full-fledged manner, all from your smartphone. (Umm..quite literally). Yes, you heard that right. Facebook messenger opens a door to an all-new multimedia sharing world as it is now possible to share pictures, videos, current locations, and also have group chat with just one click.


Love the Skype experience, but something still feels amiss? Well, the only possible solution for Android and iPhone users out there is Viber. This particular app allows all Viber users to make free calls and texts without any incurring charges. Wow, this is greatness in times of recession. Developed by Viber Media Inc., the developers had first launched the app for the iPhone and have recently rolled it out for Android. So now free calls are not only limited to just iPhone users, but the magic has become cross-platform and a pure treat.