Hunters: Drown

For fans of shoegaze who are looking to add a new artist to your roster of playlist regulars, Hunters’ Drown can be a great addition. This three-track album composed of demos displays the fevered music of these Brooklyn natives. Composed of Isabel Almeidaon vocals, Derek Watsonon guitars, Thomas Martin on bass, and Gregg Giuffreon drums, the band has captured the attention of rock legend James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, Tinted Windows) who now works as the band’s producer.

The Local Traumatic: Demo

Although fairly new in the music scene, The Local Traumatic is steadily carving their name on the wall. With touches of indie pop and rock enveloping their sound, it's easy to get swept away by the punchy, easy listening tracks. The band hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and are made up of Julia Bullock-Vocals, Christian Spence-Guitar & Vocals, Matt McConomy-Bass and Joshua Thomas-Drums.

Weed Hounds: Demo

Weed Hounds is a four piece crew that create beautiful shoegaze, indie alternative, surfer rock music. Led by the sweet-voiced female lead, Laura Catalano; the group creates upbeat cuts that make you want to sit back in a cozy afternoon riding your bike around your neighborhood. She's joined by equally talented bandmates, Nicholas Rice, Patrick Stankard, and Keith Pilson. Containing four upbeat and lively songs, this demo was immediately followed up with the release of a  single as well as a split 7" with the band Dude Japan. This New York four piece is certainly worth watching out for.

MoOt: Demo

Brit pop music coming from a guy that sounds like a doppelganger for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Demo from Moot is a straight pop album that sticks like gum on your shoes. No matter how much you scrape it off or try and get away from it, you know it's just there. That sticky feeling stays, for a very, very long time. Moot's Demo is a compilation of 6 tracks that follow the pop song formula. Basically, it comes with a verse, chorus, bridge and a catchy melody; all this running for about 3 minutes or so, leaving you no room to get sick or bored of it.