gates: The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home

Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey is the excellent ambient/indie rock band, gates. The band is able to present a sound that makes you forget that you have to take notice of the details. This leads to a listening experience that is seamless and captivating.

Nick Stutsman: Home Now

Some people prefer to have the vocal stylings of a pop-punk tune and the vibe of an acoustic composition; that’s what Nick Stutsman is made of. Not much is known about Nick (or his full name Nicholas), other than his Bandcamp account, which is littered with various EPs he crafted throughout 2011.

Resplendent/Downey: Respondent EP

The Respondent EP by the Chicago and Stockholm based Resplendent/Downey is certainly one oldy-but-goody release, in internet years anyway, and certainly one of my all-time personal favorites. Released in the summer of 2007, coagulates a massive amount of feeling and idealism, that is beautifully transmitted in a mix of electronic music and good, heartfelt vocals.